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Tuesday Links - Depantsed By Boston

The Bruins completely unclothed the Penguins, no hands-free Whoppers for you and send us some e-mail. No, really.

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A common sight last night. Pittsburgh's defense is a sieve.
A common sight last night. Pittsburgh's defense is a sieve.
Bruce Bennett

In the battle of Iginla vs. Jagr for "Old Sentimental Favorite" . . . the latter's team is ass-raping the other. Meh.

Also, I fixed the typos in yesterday's edition. This one has a lot fewer typos, if any at all. My apologies.


  • In case you missed it yesterday, SLGT is doing a weekly mailbag segment this summer. So send us some questions to answer. [St. Louis Game Time]
  • The Bruins ass-fucked the Pens 6-1 last night. Here's Wyshynski's recap. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kevin Allen also had stuff to say about the game. [USA Today]
  • No link, but just a reminder . . . Blackhawks-Kings Game 3 is tonight in Los Angeles. Fuck the both of 'em.
  • You might have heard about a hands-free Whopper product coming out from Burger King soon. Well, it's not happening. Fuck right off, Burger King. [NBC News]
  • The Six People You Need To Unfriend On Facebook. We all have these Facebook friends. [College Humor]
  • I wasn't going to post this because it could be considered a slight bit political, but fuck it. Larry Conners' firing from KMOV has been hot news lately. A former colleague took some veiled shots at him in an op-ed. [StL Today]

TLMotorsport sent along this beauty video of a baja driver sliding uphill and downhill, winding around curves on a sandy hill at breakneck speed and at times with one hand on the wheel due to brightness. Yeah, baja drivers are fucking nuts.

Climb Dance (via SupercarsNet)

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