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Vote For Jake Allen For TSN's Play Of The Year

Voting goes until 11:00 Central time on Friday. Project Mayhem, here we come. Let's keep Allen in the lead.

Derek Leung

It's time to stuff the ballot box for our boy Jake Allen. The Blues' rookie goaltender has advanced to the pool B quarterfinals of TSN's Play of the Year contest thanks to this unreal stick save on Calgary's T.J. Brodie:

Good lord. Still makes me smile looking at it. I'm pretty much convinced that the highlight of this, um, highlight is the nonchalantness that Allen grabs that puck. "Oh, that was a high pressure save? Whatevs. Just chilling out, playing the Flames. No biggie."

What would be a biggie -- as in biggie mistake -- is if Allen loses the contest to Alexander Semen of the Carolina Hurricanes. So, what all of your loyal gametimers need to do is get on over to and vote for Allen. Get your friends to vote. Get people who don't care to vote. Get Allen in the lead. You have until 11:00 Central Time on Friday to do so, so what are you waiting for? Vote now.