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Thursday Links - Spocks Rule

A dude broke his leg then finished his shift, and that team won. No matter what Spock you are, you are awesome. And two Blues center options fly off the board in different ways. Click some damn links, will you please?

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Not gonna lie . . . that's a shitty haircut.
Not gonna lie . . . that's a shitty haircut.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

We finally get a prolonged overtime game. It was . . . there. More on that later.


  • Jori Lehterä to the Blues . . . nnnnnnnope. Two year deal with Sibir in the KHL. And since he'll be 27 when that deal is up, the Blues will lose Lehtera's rights when his contract is up. Also, I realize a dude whose name rhymes with "Sandy Dickland" had the original scoop here, but I will never credit that man on this site. Thanks. [Tweets from jprutherford]
  • Scott Nichol has retired, and has joined the Nashville Predators' front office staff. He is a former Pred. [Blues]
  • Patrice Bergeron wins it late in the second overtime period to lead the Bruins to victory. The Penguins are all but toast, now down 3-0. [USA Today]
  • Sean Leahy also rapped at us about Game Three of the Eastern Conference Finals. [Puck Daddy]
  • Next time you bitch about an injury or a bruise, think of Gregory Campbell. He broke his leg on a wicked shot by Evgeni Malkin and STILL stayed out and finished his penalty kill shift. Done for the season. [USA Today]
  • Duncan Keith is still REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY SORRY FOR HITTING YOU IN THE HEAD, JEFF, DUDE, BRO. . . but he's still gonna have to sit out a game for that fortuitous whack over the head of Jeff Carter. [Puck Daddy]
  • This MLB/Biogenesis thing is not gonna go away. At this point, you may as well let all players in all sports at all levels do all the drugs they fucking want. Here's a Deadspin piece on everything wrong with this case. [Deadspin]
  • Woman training for half-marathon feels sharp pain in her back. Ruptured disc? Pulled muscle? Nope . . . A FUCKING CHILD. She was pregnant and NO ONE noticed, not even her. [Yahoo! / AP]

Zachary Quinto (new Spock) and Leonard Nimoy (THE Spock) make a fucking awesome Audi commercial. Thanks for this, UIWWildthing! Oh, and if you're a fan of Star Trek and haven't seen Into Darkness yet . . . do yourself a favor and go see the damn thing, will you?

Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: "The Challenge" (via AudiofAmerica)