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Friday Links - Not Lovin' It Anymore

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Andy McDonald says goodbye. A couple fans in Los Angeles say hello to each other . . . with fists. And we find moose in rivers up here in Montana. Oh, and Fuck Chicago. Click it, ya asshole.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

All the sad faces.


  • Instead of testing free agency and taking another risk at getting his cranium rattled again, Andy McDonald tells everyone that his career is over. 12 seasons, 6 with the Blues. Thanks for everything, Happy Meal. [StL Today]
  • Blues beat writer Lou Korac chimes in about the retirements of McDonald and Scott Nichol as well as the news on Jori Lehterä on his blog. [In The Slot]
  • Fuck Chicago. Fuck LA. But really, Fuck Chicago. Also, Fuck Detroit. Anyway, Blackhawks have a 3-1 series edge now. [Puck Daddy]
  • USA Today's David Leon Moore also expounded upon this contest. [USA Today]
  • A fight broke out in the stands during this game. And it was NOT in the cheap seats, amazingly enough. [Deadspin]
  • This is how we roll in Montana, kids. A fishing doctor and her guide found a LIVE BABY MOOSE in the water. [Yahoo! / AP]
  • From my girlfriend . . . you'll get this if you watch Game of Thrones. Joffrey is still a dick. [TinyPic]

First, this from Childhood Trauma. Derian Hatcher, such a tough guy, fighting . . . Pavol Demitra. A young Steve Ott was also a douchebag. Jeff Finley served a 4-game suspension for this. And I am so fucking happy to have the Stars back as a rival.

St.Louis Blues and Dallas Stars Throwdown (via dinmammaiburk)

Then, this from my girlfriend, a video that starts all serious then ends up with Tim Minchin singing a song about people living together in harmony in Palestine. Yes, it's comedy. Imagine that!

Tim Minchin - Peace Anthem For Palestine (via xkickingpigeonsx)