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Saturday Links - Nuttin' But A B-Thang

The Bruins complete their sweep of the Penguins, no Blues retired today and Brian Williams will rap your balls off. Happy Saturday.

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Chosen because Torey Krug looks like a tyke in this photo.
Chosen because Torey Krug looks like a tyke in this photo.

Go home, Ray Shero. You're drunk.


  • HAHA. No.
  • The Penguins scored twice. In the SERIES. The Bruins swept them, obviously. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kevin Allen of USA Today had some things to say about the game and the series as well. [USA Today]
  • The Dallas Stars traded a pick for Sergei Gonchar, who is rumored to be headed to the KHL, because the Dallas Stars are a franchise run by morons. [Puck Daddy]
  • "Hey, this guy's the man of my dreams . . . oh, for fuck's sake, it's THAT dickhead." [Y! / "The Sideshow"]
  • The American soccer team won again, this time in Jamaica. 'Merica. Fuck yeah. []
  • I forgot about National Doughnut Day only because there are no good doughnuts in Missoula. It makes me sad. Here are some doughnut facts. [HuffPo]

Two videos again, because all I get are videos.

First, from UIWWildthing . . . Brian Williams, edited to sound like Snoop Dogg.

Brian Williams Raps Snoop Dogg (Jimmy Fallon) (via latenight)

Then, from Kate . . . she and I watch a lot of the show "Supernatural" . . . well, a fan of the show came up with a drinking game that even our own Hartigan would be proud of.

The Official Supernatural Drinking Game (Hardcore Edition) (via Lsketch42)

I have plenty of videos . . . well, for the next few days, anyway . . . so hey, send me some links.

And don't get alcohol poisoning. Haha . . . fuck it, do whatever you want. I don't give a rat's ass.