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2013 NHL Entry Draft Preview: Fitness Testing Results from the Scouting Combine, Part 1

The annual "Game Time" Entry Draft Preview begins with this recap of the fitness testing results -- including the dreaded "bike tests" -- at the NHL Scouting Combine, conducted in Toronto during the last week of May.

One of the top prospects for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft is put through his paces by the training staff at the Scouting Combine in Toronto.  Photo courtesy of -
One of the top prospects for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft is put through his paces by the training staff at the Scouting Combine in Toronto. Photo courtesy of -


As the NHL prepares for the annual Entry Draft, the first order of business is to physically evaluate as many of the top prospects as possible. This is done at the Scouting Combine, using testing protocols outlined in:

Detailed Assessment Protocols For NHL Entry Draft Players, N. Gledhill, Ph.D. and V. Jamnik, M.Sc., York University, Toronto, 2007.

The Scouting Combine has been going on for twenty years, and has expanded into a major event for team scouting and training staffs, as well as the hockey media.

A larger testing area, additional information distribution, and a new screening exam incorporated into the 2013 NHL Scouting Combine certainly made for a bigger and better event as the 20th event was held this week at the Westin Bristol Place and the Toronto International Centre.
As usual, there was a high level of professionalism exhibited by the entire NHL Central Scouting staff as many of the top 101 prospects from North American and Europe performed the usual rounds of questioning and fitness exams during one of the premier events leading up to the 2013 NHL Draft, to be held June 30 at Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.
The venue used for the fitness testing at the Toronto International Centre was constructed in a 12,807-square foot room that was a little over 158-feet long, compared to 8,534 square feet in 2012 at the same facility. Key sponsors of the event included Reebok, which outfitted the prospects head to toe, and Gatorade.
"The most feedback we've received from the teams has always been the need for more space and more opportunity for viewing the potential prospects," NHL manager of events and entertainment Frank Macina said. "We also wanted to accommodate the NHL Network and TSN, and provide the media with additional work space so that they can get their work done on-site instead of heading back to the hotel."
Several general managers approved of the new setup this year.
"When we first got here, you were having to peer over people and trying to get here early because the space wasn't big enough," St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong told "Now the way they've moved it to this venue, there's a lot of space. Everyone from the scouting staff to the training staff to the media can see and it's really evolved. The NHL has done a fabulous job in staying current with the training methods they're monitoring and it's been very positive."

Per Innovations highlighted NHL Scouting Combine, at the website.



PEAK POWER OUTPUT: Results of Wingate Cycle Ergometer testing.

"ANAEROBIC FITNESS refers to the ability to work at a very high level for relatively short periods (5 to 30 sec). The peak power output reflects such abilities as the player's capacity for spurts of speed or to clear opponents from in front of the net. The average power output reflects the player's ability to maintain a relatively high level of work throughout the 30 sec shift. The fatigue index indicates the drop-off in power output from the beginning to the end of a 30 sec shift - the lower the percent drop-off the better the score."

Per "Protocols," pg. 1.

VO2 MAX TEST DURATION: "Cardio-respiratory (aerobic) fitness refers to the capacity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to supply oxygen to the muscles. High intensity activities which are continued for two minutes or longer, or repeated bouts of high intensity exercise with minimal recovery time, are limited by this capacity. Aerobic fitness is assessed by measuring the amount of oxygen utilized (VO2 max) during maximal cycle ergometer exercise employing volume determination and analysis of expired air. In addition, heart rate is monitored continuously."

Per "Protocols," pg. 13.

BODY COMPOSITION: Results of Yuhasz body far measurement formula (Detailed explanation on Pages 2-4 of "Protocols.").

BODY COMPOSITION assessment pertains to the amount of fat on the body as indicated by the thickness of six skinfolds and the percent of the body weight that is fat. Too much fat slows down a player, makes him tire faster and impairs his temperature control. Various percent fat formulae provide different values for the same person, so that when comparisons are made using results from different formulae, they are not meaningful. However, when one common formula is utilized (in this assessment the Yuhasz formula) the percent body fat of all players can be compared meaningfully.

Per "Protocols," pg. 1.

1. Samuel Morin Rimouski QMJHL D L 6' 06" 203 23 NA 15.8 watts/kg
Shea Theodore Seattle WHL D L 6' 02" 175 11 NA 15.8 watts/kg
3. Oliver Bjorkstrand Portland WHL LW R 5' 11" 164 36 NA 14.9 watts/kg
Jeremy Gregoire Baie-Comeau QMJHL C R 6' 00" 188 79 NA 14.9 watts/kg
Yan Pavel Laplante Prince Edward Isl. QMJHL C L 6' 00" 172 50 NA 14.9 watts/kg
6. Nicholas Baptiste Sudbury OHL RW R 6' 01" 190 61 NA 14.7 watts/kg
7. Connor Hurley Edina HS HS-MN C L 6' 01" 172 45 NA 14.5 watts/kg
8. Ryan Pulock Brandon WHL D R 6' 01" 211 12 NA 14.4 watts/kg
Valentin Zykov Baie-Comeau QMJHL LW R 6' 01" 215 7 NA 14.4 watts/kg
10. Morgan Klimchuk Regina WHL LW L 5' 11" 180 25 NA 14.2 watts/kg
1. Mirco Mueller Everett WHL D L 6' 04" 185 9 NA 14:30
Chris Bigras Owen Sound OHL D L 6' 01" 189 14 NA 14:30
3. Adam Erne Quebec QMJHL LW L 6' 01" 198 26 NA 14:00
Rasmus Ristolainen TPS Turku SM-liiga D R 6' 03" 201 4 EU 14:00
Dillon Heatherington Swift Current WHL D L 6' 04" 196 31 NA 14:00
Samuel Morin Rimouski QMJHL D L 6' 06" 203 23 NA 14:00
Bo Horvat London OHL C L 6' 00" 203 15 NA 14:00
Sean Monahan Ottawa OHL C L 6' 02" 193 5 NA 14:00
Anthony Mantha Val-d'Or QMJHL RW L 6' 03" 200 10 NA 14:00
10 Mason Geertsen Vancouver WHL D L 6' 04" 203 59 NA 13:30
1. Adam Tambellini Surrey BCHL LW L 6' 02" 170 42 NA 5.0 %
2. Jonathan Drouin Halifax QMJHL LW L 5' 11" 176 3 NA 5.4 %
3. Gabryel Paquin-Boudreau Baie-Comeau QMJHL LW L 5' 11" 160 52 NA 7.3 %
Jan Kostalek Rimouski QMJHL D R 6' 00" 182 43 NA 7.3 %
5. Zachary Sanford Islanders EJHL LW L 6' 03" 168 60 NA 7.4 %
Oliver Bjorkstrand Portland WHL LW R 5' 11" 164 36 NA 7.4 %
7. Nathan Mackinnon Halifax QMJHL C R 5' 11" 179 2 NA 7.6 %
Jacob De La Rose Leksand Allsvenskan C L 6' 02" 190 7 EU 7.6 %
9. Thomas Vannelli Minnetonka HS HS-MN D R 6' 02" 165 44 NA 7.7 %
Alexander Wennberg Djurgården Allsvenskan C L 6' 01" 183 5 EU 7.7 %



Results of testing for prospect Wingspan, plus various Strength, Power and Muscular Endurance measurements including Push-Ups, Vertical Jump and Long Jump.