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Sunday Links - Explosions Of Moose And Bacon

Fuck Chicago. Go Bruins. LA is done. Yay. And what happens when a fireworks truck hits a moose? Insanity, that's what.

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Ummmmmm . . . hey, go Bruins. Fuck Chicago.


  • Jeff Gordon calls Andy McDonald's retirement a "happy ending". I dispute that, since he's 35 and feels he HAS to retire, but what the hell. Thanks to luvhockey for passing this along. [StL Today]
  • As you probably saw on Game Time, Ken Hitchcock will join Lindy Ruff and Claude Julien to assist Mike Babcock with Team Canada in Sochi next year. That's a lot of fucking hockey knowledge right there. [SLGT]
  • Patrick Kane may be a douche, but he's still really damn good at hockey. Hat trick and 2OT game winner for him last night. The Blackhawks face the Bruins in the finals as a result. [USA Today]
  • Wysh had some things to say about the game and series as well. Bruins-Blackhawks starts in Chicago on Wednesday. Go Bruins. [Puck Daddy]
  • The guy who runs the Kings' Twitter account is still a dickbag. I don't see how this constitutes as "amazing", so fuck right off with that noise. [FTW / USA Today]
  • Darren Dreger says the Dallas Stars and Sergei Gonchar agreed to a two-year deal. Gonchar is older than me. Good luck, Dallas! Meh. [@DarrenDreger]
  • From Kate . . . Welcome to Western Ontario. A truck full of fireworks hits a moose, explodes, sets off a really awesome fireworks display and shuts down a portion of the Trans Canada Highway for nearly six hours. AMERI . . . oh wait . . . CANADA! FUCK YEAH! [National Post]
  • From the St. Louis Game Time Facebook group . . . BACON EXPLOSION RECIPE! [BBQ Addicts]
  • More from luvhockey . . . "Hockey The Band". Give 'em a listen. []

A couple from Kate. First, an episode of QI where Stephen Fry is sure someone "cannot be that stupid", THEN . . . Fry HIMSELF becomes "THAT stupid".

QI - "You cannot be that stupid!" (via JiveTalkinMufasa)

Then, Michael Buble acts like he's about to sing one of HIS songs, then changes it up to . . . yep, "The Hockey Song". RIP, Stompin' Tom Connors.

Michael Buble Good old hockey game (via TorontoHD)

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Brian will have some NHL Entry Draft Preview action for you later. Enjoy!