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Saturday Links - Sweet Hat 'N 'Stache Returns

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Ty Conklin returns to the Blues organization. Edmonton thinks they're getting Pietrangelo. Numbers analysis of the big trade. The San Jose Sharks will have none of your Sharknado, ESPN. And Star Trek meets Monty Python. It's Saturday, bitches.

He'll cheer up when he finds out he's getting a shit-ton of money. And when he's not hurt anymore.
He'll cheer up when he finds out he's getting a shit-ton of money. And when he's not hurt anymore.

First off, congrats to Game Time's true "Power Couple", Adam (Duke) and Ann, on their engagement. CCR wants royalties on that, by the way.

And now, some links.


  • Ty Conklin, he of the super sweet hat and mustache, is back in the Blues organization. He will be working with the team's minor league goaltenders. [Blues]
  • Meant to link about this yesterday but forgot . . . the Edmonton Sun fucked up and put Alex Pietrangelo on the cover of their sports page, not David Perron. Sorry, but he's still ours, you dicks. [SLGT]
  • Robb analyzes the trade involving the French-Canadian and the Umlaut Overlord (Fuck it, that's what I'm calling Magnus Pääjärvi, so try and stop me). [SLGT]
  • Via CrossCheckRaise by way of sarahconnors . . . Alexander Steen is a Goddamn prince and if you don't like him, fuck you. [Winnipeg Free Press]


  • Ilya Kovalchuk's mother blames escrow and taxes for her son's departure from the NHL to the KHL. #DanEllisProblems [Puck Daddy]
  • Via CrossCheckRaise . . . Mike Danton has signed with a club in Kazakhstan. Borat is impressed. []
  • Patrice Bergeron is a prince after what he went through in the Cup Finals. The Bruins rewarded him for that AND his stellar two-way play with a big-ass contract. [Bruins]
  • Roberto Luongo spent part of his offseason at the World Series of Poker, like he did last year. This year, though, he busted out. Sad trombone. [Poker Listings]
  • ESPN decides to troll the San Jose Sharks (regarding: SHARKNADO). The San Jose Sharks out-troll the trolls. More on ESPN in a moment, but in the meantime, BRAVO, SHARKS. [HuffPo]


  • ESPN is changing their website comment format to a Facebook-style commenting system. Deadspin commenters had one more go at trolling the comments section, and largely succeeded. ESPN is bleeding money, mind you. [Deadspin]
  • A TV station in San Fran got pranked about the names of the pilots of Asiana Flight 214. How could they have REALLY thought these were REAL names, even if the plane DID come from Asia? Wow. [Deadspin]
  • A dental assistant in Iowa of 10 years was fired BASICALLY because of the dentist's jealous wife, and apparently the state of Iowa is going to let it be. Which is kinda dumb, but hey, whatever. [Y! / Reuters]


Kate sends along a mashup of Star Trek and Monty Python & The Holy Grail. And it. Is. Fucking. Brilliant.

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