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The Inaugural Game Time (Podcast To Be Named Later)

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We hinted at this in the links. CrossCheckRaise and I got us a podcast! We discuss free agency, the Perron/Pääjärvi trade, the draft, Ty Conklin, Ilya Kovalchuk and more. And we need a name, so help us with that in the comments!

"WOO! PODCAST!" says David Backes and company.
"WOO! PODCAST!" says David Backes and company.

So hey, I hinted in the links about some kind of audio finding its' way to the pages of St. Louis Game Time last weekend (and this week as well). And . . . you can wonder no more, because here's what we were working on:

SLGT Podcast To Be Named Later - Episode One

Yes, it's our first podcast! Tim (CrossCheckRaise) and Tyler (Me) discuss the big trade from last week, the Blues' free agent signings, the draft, Ty Conklin's hire and other stuff. It's a little over an hour of content, so grab a beer and a seat and have a listen.

We are looking for a name for this podcast. Right now, the best ideas we've come up with are as follows:

  • Moves Like Plager
  • Janney's Wife
  • Kevin Stevens' Hotel Guest
  • The Little Pod of Hate (which isn't Blues related, but whatever)

If you have better ideas than we have, please put them in the comments. We'll take the best suggestions and put it to a vote when we post the next podcast (hopefully next week).

Still a work in progress? Yes. But by the time the season starts, we'll be a well-oiled Goddamn machine.

Oh, and hopefully there will be more swearing next time.