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Thursday Links - Bitterness and Jealousy

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We have a podcast that needs a name. Jamie Langenbrunner says "I'M NOT DEAD!" The Preds are inviting trouble and golden shower/dog piss jokes. The ESPY's are a waste of money. And JAZZ FEVER. Work sucks, but having no job sucks worse.

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Today's title is a "tribute" to a certain Wings fan and what he thought of our podcast before he even listened to it.

Ass-2-Mouth, if you're listening . . . no one gives a shit how many Cups the Red Wings have won. Particularly, not me.

Not that I hadn't told him that about . . . oh, three times.

Alright, that's enough assholery for the intro. LINKS, HOLMES!


  • What led to the above conversation? Well, we got ourselves a podcast. Episode One was posted yesterday, if you missed it. And I think we have enough name suggestions. We'll be posting a poll for you to vote on next time we post audio. [SLGT]
  • Brian wants to know your opinion about he presents prospect information. Please vote and let him know what you think. [SLGT]
  • Jamie Langenbrunner swears his career isn't over, even if the league's 30 teams seem to disagree with him. "I'M NOT DEEEEAD!" [Duluth News Tribune]


  • The Nashville Predators left themselves wide open to jokes of dog piss and golden showers when they unveiled a yellow gold paint job on the Bridgestone Arena ice. [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]
  • The Preds also signed Richard Clune to a two-year deal. He's basically a younger Jordin Tootoo, so while they didn't pay too much, they probably overpaid him. [Predators]
  • The Avs are high on Nathan MacKinnon. They'd better be, because they had Seth Jones right fucking there for the grabbing, ready to fill a glaring need they had, and they passed on him. [Avalanche]
  • A retail store in Finland made NHL14 covers for every SM-Liiga team. [Imgur, via Puck Daddy]
  • I <3 Jammer. Jamal Mayers wants to come back for another season. [Chicago Tribune]
  • The NHL Office of Player Safety sucks, apparently. Rob Blake is leaving said office to join the Kings' front office. [Puck Daddy]
  • Apparently there's a new psycho thriller out and the main character is named Mike Gillis. Yes, Canucks blog Pass It To Bulis is all over this shit. [PITB]


  • The ESPY's were aired yesterday. They are a massive waste of money, so much so that the company's accountants ask for it to be shut down every year. [Deadspin]
  • On a positive note, Jon Hamm hosted the ESPY's. Basketball player DeAndre Jordan had a tweet about how . . . ummmm, "well-endowed" . . . Jon Hamm supposedly is. [Deadspin]


Kate sends along this video that warns us that Jazz Fever is some nasty shit, and that cocaine is great for pregnant ladies.

As Rick James once said . . . cocaine's a helluva drug.

Fuck Detroit.

And Fuck Cancer. Miss you, Dad.