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No Worries, Blues Fans: Alex Pietrangelo Isn't Going Anywhere. Probably.

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Petro has instructed his camp to tune out offer sheets and focus on getting an extension done with the St. Louis Blues.

Bruce Bennett

If there's something Blues fans have been fixated on since the end of the playoffs, it's been Alex Pietrangelo. He wasn't, and isn't the team's only RFA - Chris Stewart's arbitration hearing is Monday, after all. But he's the one that folks are the most scared of losing. The Blues dealt David Perron off to the Oilers basically to free up cap space to sign Petro. Everyone has said he's staying put at that a deal will be gotten to when it's gotten to.

But we're Blues fans. Let's face it - we worry.

The worrying can probably stop with Pietrangelo, however. Not only have he and Doug Armstrong said that they're not worried about offer sheets coming his way, Pietrangelo has told his agent at Newport Sports to ignore the offer sheets. They're going to make the Blues the center of their attention.

The trick now is what kind of deal does Doug Armstrong sign him to? He's obviously the centerpiece of the team's defense, despite some hiccups this year. Does he get the huge "lock-em-in" contract that young stars get after the expiration of their entry level deals? Will they balk at the term length? Will they balk at the annual cap hit?

Folks are saying Pietrangelo deserves $7 million a year. He might, but we're talking the Blues, who can get quality from a low cap team. Armstrong's the master of blood from a turnip.

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