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Friday Links - Hometown Blues

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Zach Pochiro was born to be a Blue. Dickheads that throw cheap shots are getting paid on the left coast because they're "leaders". And please send me to a social media school. Friday? Yes.

Still don't like this guy.
Still don't like this guy.
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

I hate telling people to leave the casino, but I really hate when someone is let back into the casino after closing time to "walk through", only to plop their asses back in front of a machine. You can fuck right off, lady.

On to better things . . . the links.


  • As was pointed out by B-Dub and mentioned briefly on the podcast, Blues draft pick Zach Pochiro was born to be a Blue. [Blues]
  • Here's Jeremy Rutherford's live chat from yesterday, in which he talked about . . . hell, I don't know, I didn't read it. [StL Today]


  • There's still way too many concussions in the NHL, but Wysh looks into whether or not things are improving on that end. (I say . . . no. Not that you care, but . . . no.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Dustin Brown and the Kings agreed to an eight-year extension worth a lot of money, which will be an excellent contract when Brown has to spend a year away from hockey because he Bertuzzi'd someone. [Kings]
  • Also locked up: Matt Duchene of the Avalanche for five years. Probably the only smart move the Avs have made this offseason. [Avalanche]
  • Denis Grebeshkov and the Oilers agreed to a one-year deal. Grebeshkov for Kovalchuk seems a shitty trade. [Oilers]
  • The Oilers also got a new ECHL affiliate . . . the Bakersfield Condors. [Bakersfield Condors]
  • NHL '14 flashed back to NHL '94. And apparently did pretty well with it. [Puck Daddy]


  • We've known Detroit to be morally and visibly bankrupt for years, but now, the City of Detroit itself is going to ACTUALLY BE bankrupt. And it's huge. [Deadspin]
  • "Want me to tear down that house over there?" "Yes, please . . . oh . . . OH SHIT NOT THAT . . . one." "WHOOPS!" [Y! / AP]


Kate wants to sign up for this school. I do too, actually.