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Sunday Links - I See You Rosterbating

People are over in the corner rosterbating their Olympic teams. The Flyers spent more money, but this time it was for a young guy and cheap so everyone freak out or something. And STOP COPYING ME. Easy like Sunday morning.


Rosterbation in public is punishable by a $500 fine and you have to be yelled at by your grandmother about how you're gonna go blind.

Actually, no it's not. But sometimes it should be.


  • 2014 Olympic roster projections are coming out. First, Kevin Allen has his Team USA projection, which solidly includes David Backes and Kevin Shattenkirk, though he adds that T.J. Oshie could be in the mix. [USA Today]
  • Puck Daddy has projections for Team USA and Canada. Harrison Mooney's Canada roster has Alex Pietrangelo but knocks out Jay Bouwmeester . . . [Puck Daddy]
  • . . . while Ryan Lambert's Team USA roster leaves Oshie completely out of consideration but has Shattenkirk as a top pairing D and Backes seemingly a lock. [Puck Daddy]



  • You'll find a shit-ton of boats in McCovey Cove outside AT&T Park in San Francisco, but never any like this. They're calling it the Bubble Boat. Whatever, it's a Goddamn floating spaceship. [SB Nation]
  • When I'm 92, or rather IF I EVER MAKE IT to 92, one thing I'm sure as fuck not going to be doing is working at McDonald's. This woman, though? She gives not one fuck. [Y! / The Sideshow]


This one from lostinthecrowd . . . stop copying me, asshole. NO, SERIOUSLY.

I like your videos, folks, but you can send me links, too. I have a massive backlog of videos (again) and have enough to last me . . . oh, through the end of this month. So send me some links!