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Bevy Of Blues Invited To Canadian, American, And Other Olympic Camps

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The Blues will be well represented in the 2014 Sochi Games, with most all of the guys invited to camps shoe-ins to make their teams.

This is gonna get awkward in a little under a year.
This is gonna get awkward in a little under a year.

Some of the Olympic camp invites are trickling out today, and Blues fans should be happy. Aside from Ken Hitchcock being named associate coach for Team Canada, Blues general manager Doug Armstrong has been named Associate Director of Player Personnel. Also, the following guys have been named to their respective home countries' camp tryouts:


  • Alex Pietrangelo
  • Jay Bouwmeester


  • Alex Steen
  • Patrik Berglund


  • Vladimir Tarasenko

Team USA's list isn't out until 10AM Eastern tomorrow, but there was a tweet from David earlier today that seems to leak what we all expected:

Jaroslav Halak will probably get a call to come to Slovakia's camp, as will Polak for the Czech Republic. I hope that his Olympic photo will be better than 2010's confused-dog-staring-at-ceiling-fan look:



Keep your eyes peeled for the US announcement tomorrow. I'll update the post with T.J. Oshie and Kevin Shattenkirk, who we're all pretty much expecting to be invited to Team USA's camp with Backes.

Yeah, who needs to wait for an official announcement.

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