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Blues Sign Jake Allen To Two-Year Contract Extension

The Blues have re-upped their pending RFA goaltender for two more years, adding to the goalie drama that's been there forever.

Rich Lam

Everyone knows that the Blues have a log-jam at goal, so this signing doesn't add intrigue as much as it does insurance. The Blues re-signed pending restricted free agent goaltender Jake Allen to a two-year contract extension. This, of course, gives the Chicago Wolves their starter for this season unless for whatever reason Jaroslav Halak or Brian Elliott is dealt at some point. Doug Armstrong has said he expects to see all three in camp, so don't hold your breath for a deal.

Where it gets interesting is Allen's contract. The first year is the typical two-way deal, but the second year is a one-way deal according to Strickland. What this implies very clearly is that the Blues will go with Halak and Elliott to start the season off this year. If for whatever reason the goaltending isn't cutting it, the Blues can ship one of the two off. Halak's contract is up at the end of this season, as is Elliott's. Allen will have an NHL spot for 2014-2015. The Blues can either re-sign one of their two goaltenders for that season, or see whats available in free agency.

The Blues might have a goaltending logjam this season, but it's easily resolved with some patience on everyone's part.