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Bernie Federko, Red Berenson Inducted Into Saskatchewan Hockey Hall Of Fame

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A couple of retired Blues get the hall of fame treatment in their home provence.

The Saskatchewan Hockey Hall Of Fame had its annual induction ceremony tonight, and they had quite a list. Red Berenson, who played for the Blues from 1968-1971 and again from 1975-1978 was previously inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame as part of the 1972 Canadian Cup team that squared off against the Soviets. He also won the Jack Adams Award in 1981.

Bernie Federko, Hockey Hall of Famer, also was inducted tonight. Apparently it was under the radar, though:

Bernie holds the franchise records for games played, assists, and points. He played with the Blues from 1976-1989. I'll neglect to mention the team that he finished his career with, but it's a favorite destination of old players who really should have called it quits at the end of their second to last season.

Also inducted tonight were Clark Gillies and Eddie Shore. Before anyone has the first thought that I did upon reading this ("How hasn't this happened? What decade is this?"), the SHHOF was established last year, so it makes sense that they just inducted four great hockey players and a team from 1914.