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Monday Open Bar - Norwegian Parties Rock

Belly up, though I'm not pouring shots, so whatever you get, you'll have to get yourself. It's a truly open bar.

Brad Boyes would've missed this shot high and right.
Brad Boyes would've missed this shot high and right.
Jonathan Daniel

Not much to talk about. So as promised . . . another open bar.

We'll go over a few links, though.

  • B-Dub posted the "Reserve List". yesterday. Basically, full information and stats on all (or JUST ABOUT all) of the Blues' prospects, young and "old" (well, they make ME feel old). [SLGT; SLGT; SLGT; SLGT]
  • We're still looking for a name for the new podcast. We put it up to a vote. The top 9 suggestions stayed. [SLGT]
  • Salary Arbitration seems to not be desired by EITHER side involved. [Puck Daddy].
  • The CONCACAF Gold Cup wrapped up yesterday. [SB Nation]
  • Former Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols is injured. SCHADENFREUDE!!!! . . . or something. [LA Times]
  • And back my way, it's "fire season". Which means I get to see fires like this one, which was several miles from me at work. [Missoulian]
  • Finally, a video . . . the Norwegians know how to get people to do stupid shit.