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Wednesday Links - Crappy Lists That Mean Nothing

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Our Podcast has a name, and it's not O-S-C-A-R. Puck Daddy made a list, and it was all sorts of silly. Stupid asses get stupid ass tattoos. And speaking of stupid asses . . . Blackhawks fans. I'm full of piss and vinegar this morning. What about you?

He wasn't in Wyshynski's Top Ten NHL Goalies list. TRADE HIM NOW!!!1
He wasn't in Wyshynski's Top Ten NHL Goalies list. TRADE HIM NOW!!!1

Hockey fans are the greatest. In other news, hockey fans are the dumbest.

I'll explain. Maybe.


  • Our podcast officially takes its' new name - Beyond Checkerdome - this afternoon at 1pm CDT. Give Episode 3 a listen.


  • The Stanley Cup was in St. Louis yesterday. Unfortunately, it was by a member of the Blackhawks, so like fucking hell if I'm linking to it.
  • Speaking of the Blackhawks, apparently their fans were a little pissy about a certain pop star stepping on their logo in the locker room and decided to "return the favor" in about the dumbest fucking way possible . . . by stepping on a replica of his face. This is why pop will never die, you dumb fucking shitheads. You won't LET it die. [Puck Daddy]
  • Wysh makes a Top 10 list of NHL goalies. He obviously was high when he wrote this. He put Jimmy Howard at 9. #JimmyHowardIsAnAverageGoaltender (Also worth noting . . . how soon until The Asylum gets hold of this list and starts pissing and moaning about the lack of inclusion of Brian Elliott, followed by more dumbfuck Jaroslav Halak rumors? I give it 36 hours.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Marc Staal is starting to get well enough to play again. That's good news. REALLY good news. [Blueshirts United]
  • Joe Pavelski gon' get paid . . . by the Sharks. For five years. He's good at hockey and stuff. [Sharks]
  • Alex Edler was suspended for two games when he kneed Eric Staal at the 2013 Worlds. Well, he was given two ADDITIONAL games, which may take him off the Tre Kronor 2014 Olympic roster. [IIHF]
  • Dominic Moore's Smashfest event raised $100K for the charity named for Moore's late wife. See? I had SOME good news today. [NHLPA]
  • "Jesus Saves"? More like "Jesus Puts In The Rebound", if he's wearing an A on a Bruins sweater. ON A TATTOO. I CAN'T EVEN . . . . [The Nosebleeds]
  • The old Ralph Engelstad Arena, home of the most recent University of North Dakota national championship team, was taken down to make room for an indoor football practice facility. They have a new Ralph Engelstad Arena to play in, so . . . no worries. [Dickinson Press]


  • UIWWilldthing passes along this story about a man who thinks a random jogger is shitting next to his house. The best part is where he wants to say "NO! BAD HUMAN!" to the perpetrator. [KOAT]
  • J-Mill passes along news of Kurt Warner's rags-to-riches life story being sold to Twentieth Century Fox. That'll be a fun film to watch. [Deadline]
  • Marlins pitcher Chad Qualls is a dumbass and a klutz. And his team sucks ass. [Deadspin]


Obviously, I was in some kind of weird surly mood when I made these today. So you get this one, passed along by Kate, which is a "Game Of Thrones In Memoriam" piece. For those not familiar with Game Of Thrones . . . shit-tons of people die in this show, usually people you like.

Blood, baby. Blood.