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Blues Sign Keith Aucoin To One Year Deal

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This is not the big splash Blues fans were waiting for, but the team added some depth today with their first signing.


The Blues first move today was dumping Kris Russell. Their second? Adding a little bit of depth by signing forward Keith Aucoin to a one year, $625,000 contract. Last season with the New York Islanders, Aucoin had six goals and six assists in 41 games. In his career he has tallied 17 goals and 32 assists in 143 games. He's an actual center, but will probably wind up being a third line center for the team. He has a career .451 face off winning percentage, so that's average.

This probably isn't the only center move that the Blues will make, so don't go on and have a panic attack yet. If he's the only center the Blues sign? Then yes, by all means, be unhappy. It's still early in the deadline and there's plenty of time for something else. Aucion can still help out a little bit. Is he exactly what the Blues needed? Probably not, but he won't hurt.