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Blues Sign Forward Maxim Lapierre To Two-Year Deal

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You want centers? Well, this is the third one that the Blues have signed today.

Rich Lam

He may not be the center we wanted, but he's the center we deserved. Complain enough about not making a splash on the first day of free agency, and this is what Doug Armstrong does. He signs another depth center.

Maxim Lapierre spent the last three seasons with the Vancouver Canucks, playing 149 games and scoring 14 goals and 16 assists. This is, like Keith Aucion before him, a depth center move. Between the two of them, Chris Porter may not be centering the CPR line for much longer.

Lapierre's contract is at $1.1 million a season. He's not a terrible player and he's also a pain in the ass, piling up 45 PIM in 48 games last year. The season prior to that Lapierre accumulated 130 PIM and seven fights.

So, basically, he's the kind of blue collar guy, just like Aucoin, that Blues fans love. The team is chock full of them. Hopefully as free agency continues, the team will branch out to someone with some skill.