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Former Blue Brendan Shanahan Selected To Hockey Hall Of Fame

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He spent four seasons with the Blues, racking up impressive numbers and teaching us all about safe sax.

If you haven't seen this video, well, why not?
If you haven't seen this video, well, why not?

It's always nice to see a former Blue get elected to the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Many were eligible this year, like Keith Tkachuk, Curtis Joseph, and, uh, Roman Turek, but only one was selected: Brendan Shanahan. Shanny holds a special place in the hearts of many fans who grew up with the mid-90s team. Ask us about our childhoods and we'll probably say something about Shanny, Joseph, Brett Hull, and those awful clown jerseys.

Brendan Shanahan spent four seasons with St. Louis between 1991 and 1995 after coming over in the contentious deal that saw Scott Stevens shipped to the New Jersey Devils. In that time he netted 156 goals and 150 assist for a total of 307 points in 156 games. Basically, if you went to a Blues game, it was a rarity that Shanahan's name wasn't on the stats sheet somewhere. He had two 50 goal seasons in '92-'93 and '93-94 and had a 102 point season in '93-'94.

Brendan Shanahan is notable for more than his scoring on the ice, however. He brought us this moving PSA on safe sax:

Also, and this is often forgotten, he had a very low tolerance for stupidity:

Maybe he just had a low tolerance for the Hatchers.

Maybe not... he also beat the hell out of Keith Tkachuk. Oh, imagine the laughs to be had when these two guys wind up in the Blues press box together eventually:

Of course, what capped off his St. Louis career was an unfortunate off-ice incident coupled with the fact that Mike Keenan felt that Craig Janney was the better player to keep. That trade got the Blues Chris Pronger, so it wasn't all bad - but man, was it hard to see Shanny go.

With tears in his eyes, Brendan Shanahan said goodbye to St. Louis on Friday afternoon.

He met the media at his spacious home in Ladue, which has a for-sale sign in front. He tried to ease the tension by plugging his house, saying "It'll be sad to leave ... this five-bedroom, 4 1/2-bath brick tudor."

But try as he might, the laughter couldn't hide the pain of joining the "Blues' alumni," and the "ex-Blues scoring leaders," as he called them. His voice cracked at times. He kept a wash cloth close at hand "in case I get hot," but it was really there in case the tears became too obvious.

Four years invested in a city where he envisioned living "for the rest of my life" were snatched away in what Shanahan said was a 10-second phone call with Mike Keenan.

Of course, Shanny would later go on to win the Stanley Cup three times with Detroit, because that's what former beloved Blues screwed over by Mike Keenan do.

Still, we'd prefer to remember him in a Bluenote, and I'm sure at the inevitable Brendan Shanahan Hall of Fame night that the Blues will have this season everyone will turn out and give him the ovation he deserves. Maybe we'll even make him shed a tear or two. All I know is that night will be a disappointment if they don't give out tiny little saxophones.