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Thursday Links - PLEASE Feed The Trolls

Episode 3 of the podcast is up, and we have a name and Twitter and everything. Bryz went to Sweden to try and get his groove back. The NHL is going to Seattle and that makes me fucking ecstatic. And Jezebel has interesting ways to combat trolls. Vacation . . . SO close!

"I told you fuckhead zebras to order FOUR large orders of wings! How could you fuck THAT up?!
"I told you fuckhead zebras to order FOUR large orders of wings! How could you fuck THAT up?!
Doug Pensinger

Just to let you all know . . . After Saturday's links post, you're not hearing from me again until next Friday. I'll be on vacation. Will someone fill in? Maybe. Maybe not.

Whatever, you don't care. Nor should you. You want links. Well, I got links.


  • Episode 3 of Beyond Checkerdome was posted yesterday afternoon. And we have e-mail and a Twitter account. It's like we're a real thing now. Goddamn, you people rock. [SLGT]


  • How bad has it gotten for Ilya Bryzgalov? Well, he's training in Sweden now, working out for a team whose club director is Swedish hockey legend Hakan Loob. [Puck Daddy]
  • Down Goes Brown runs through all the significant moves the Maple Leafs have made this offseason to explain how bad this offseason has been for the team. (NOTE: It's been pretty fucking horrible.) [Grantland]
  • Seattle is getting an NHL team come hell or high water, it seems, but it could be as soon as the 2014-15 season. Goddamnit, I want this SO bad . . . I only live 7 hours from Seattle. [Puck Daddy]
  • A shit-ton of people are going to be scoring #MoreGoalsThanGomez this year. Scott Gomez signed with the Panthers. [Panthers]
  • The NFL is using the NHL's "pick your own team" idea for the Pro Bowl. Wysh suggested several other things the NFL could steal from the NHL. [Puck Daddy]


  • "I will climb this fence and fight every n****r here." Probably not wise to say, Riley Cooper. Not even at a Kenny Chesney concert. (He has since apologized, but he's still a dumbass.) [Crossing Broad]
  • A Jezebel writer has an interesting take on how to handle trolls, with personal (actually, VERY personal) examples. [Jezebel]


From UIWWildthing . . . the history of rock and roll, summed up in 100 consecutive guitar riffs. This is fucking EXCELLENT (save for the handful of songs on this list by bands I despise):

Incredible stuff. Makes me want to learn how to play my guitar a bit more.