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Saturday Links - A Random Guy Was Traded In 1988

Petro still doesn't have a contract, but is not a Chilean miner. Some random above-average hockey player was traded to Los Angeles in 1988. Rod Stewart's son is playing for the Union Jack. And don't fuck with black bears. Saturdays are fun!

This guy can't POSSIBLY retire, can he? #TeemuForever
This guy can't POSSIBLY retire, can he? #TeemuForever

Contract talks are the slowest when you want shit to get done.


  • Alex Pietrangelo is still unsigned, and as training camp approaches, Hildy examines whether or not we as Blues fans need to panic. (One hint . . . the answer is 'no'.) [SLGT]
  • 25 years ago yesterday, Wayne Gretzky was traded by the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings in what was arguably the most important trade in NHL history. In a repost from last March, Bradley Leigh Lee reminds us that Gretzky once wanted to retire as a Blue after being traded to St. Louis in 1996. (Obligatory . . . FUCK. MIKE. KEENAN.) [SLGT]


  • Speaking of Gretzky . . . Wysh has a list of 99 fascinating things about the Gretzky trade 25 years later. [Puck Daddy]
  • Teemu Selanne is still undecided about next season. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE CHOOSE TO PLAY, TEEMU. #TeemuForever [NHL]
  • For reasons I'm not exactly sure about, former Blues coach (and coach of a shit-ton other teams) Jacques Martin was hired as an assistant for the Penguins. [Penguins]
  • Ryan Lambert tries to explain why Gary Bettman isn't as bad as Bud Selig. And as much as I fucking despise Bud Selig, I can't bring myself to ever like Gary Bettman over anyone, not even THAT asshead. [Puck Daddy]
  • "For fans that want to attend, we can't do enough of them." An actual quote from Gary Bettman about outdoor games. We're doing six of them this season . . . one in a place that will probably have a closed roof when it's played, one of which is in fucking Los Angeles and ZERO of which are in St. Louis or involve the Blues. Too. Fucking. Many. [TSN]
  • Seven people in Michal Handzus sweaters (including one Blues sweater, of course) greet him as he brings the Cup back to his home land. I always liked Handzus. [Reddit Hockey]
  • Liam Stewart, the son of rock legend Rod Stewart and supermodel Rachel Hunter, is on Great Britan's preliminary U-20 roster. I've seen him play in Spokane, and he's not horrible. [National Post]


  • My podcasting pal CrossCheckRaise passes along this one about burglars who felt so shitty about stealing from an LA support center for survivors of sexual assault that they returned the stuff they pilfered, leaving a note at the door to boot. [Salon]
  • Idahoans know that black bears ain't nothin' to fuck with. [Y! / AP]
  • Someone incredibly awful at their job tries to compare Johnny Manziel to Rosa Parks. Someone incredibly awful at their job needs a bitch-slapping and a class on perspective. [Deadspin]


The Swedish Chef is the greatest Muppet of all time. #BorkBorkBork