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Sunday Links - Jack Clark Is Not A Wise Man

Sidney Crosby cuts in line. Jack Clark helps Kevin Slaten napalm another St. Louis MSM bridge. Do you believe in probation? And a very odd sequence in execution. It's a slow news day.

He blocks shots. He's also not signed yet.
He blocks shots. He's also not signed yet.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was an INCREDIBLY slow news day.


  • Big fat fuckin' middle finger on that one.


  • Yinzers are pissed that Penguins Captain and arguably the best hockey player on the Goddamn planet Sidney Crosby got to cut in line at the DMV. Yeah, this was a fucking story. Slooooooooooooooooooooow news day. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]


  • Al Michaels had a DUI back in April. He's been sentenced to . . . well . . . do YOU believe in probation? YES. (Fucking Jeebus I'm horrible.) [TMZ]
  • Kevin Slaten is good enough at torching bridges between himself and St. Louis media types on his own. He doesn't need Jack Clark's help, but apparently he got it anyway earlier this week. Slaten and Clark have been (essentially) canned by WGNU 920 after only about a week on air. Oh, and Jack Clark -- who, mind you, was my first favorite baseball player, a fact I seem a bit ashamed of now -- is a known shit-disturber, so while you can't totally discount everything he says, you sure as fuck don't have to believe everything this dickhead has to say. [Deadspin]


"post a muppet clip huh? well take this then" . . . that, from Childhood Trauma before he allowed me to feast my eyes upon . . . this VERY strange execution clip.


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  • And this is probably my last Sunday on links for a while. Remember J-Mill? He'll be terrorizing your Friday thru Sunday links for a bit.

    Brian has a VERY EARLY peek ahead to the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, so stick around.