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Tuesday Links - Others Speak On Petro

A prominent hockey blogger ALSO wonders why the fuck the Blues haven't signed Pietrangelo. Sad hockey news from Arizona and from New Brunswick. Sad happenings at a baseball game in Atlanta. And always trust Veridian Dynamics. Do up Tuesday.

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So NOW, we know it's not just Blues fans that are wondering why the Pietrangelo deal isn't done yet.
So NOW, we know it's not just Blues fans that are wondering why the Pietrangelo deal isn't done yet.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Hi. I have links for you.


  • In his weekly What We Learned post, Ryan Lambert wonders what the brass of the Blues are trying to accomplish in their negotiations with RFA defensive stud Alex Pietrangelo. Apart from "nothing", I suppose. [Puck Daddy]


  • Sad news out of Phoenix . . . Coyotes beat writer Jim Gintonio lost his battle with lung cancer. His colleagues paid tribute. Fuck. Cancer. []
  • Even sadder news out of the Q . . . Jordan Boyd, a 16-year-old prospect from New Brunswick, collapsed on the ice during camp and died shortly thereafter. [Y! / Buzzing The Net]
  • Sorry, ladies . . . Capitals defenseman Mike Green is engaged. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]
  • Convicted mobster "Whitey" Bulger got a 1986 Stanley Cup ring through his association with a player on that Canadiens team. He's hoping to keep the ring, but that's up to a judge. [Puck Daddy]
  • Bill Zito is going the way of Mike Gillis, Dean Lombardi and others . . . leaving his gig as a player agent to work for a team's front office. In this case, the Blue Jackets will gain his services. [Columbus Dispatch]
  • A group of kids from Nanaimo, British Columbia played ball hockey in a building for 50 consecutive hours, breaking the indoor record. Them's some crazy ass fools. [CBC]


  • A fan fell out of the upper deck of Turner Field in Atlanta and later died. Good fucking Jeebus, everything was about death yesterday. [SB Nation]
  • Ken Griffey, Jr. entered the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame the other day (and soon, he'll be an MLB Hall of Famer, and rightfully so). All the current Mariners paid tribute the way I always liked to . . . by wearing their hats backward. Nicely done, boys. [Deadspin]


My girlfriend has seen a lot of this old ABC show called "Better Off Ted" on Netflix lately. It's based on a corporation called "Veridian Dynamics", and the show is filled with "commercials" for the company. Here's one of them.

Oh, no, not at ALL evil.

Hildy has a preview of another Central Division foe later this morning. Who is it? HINT: They once made their arena ice look like dog piss this off-season.