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Saturday Links: Springsteen, Soccer, & Star Wars

Meet your new favorite English Premier League team: Everton! Also, other things you can click and read!

"Thank you for flying Leighton Baines Airlines. You have reached you destination: the back of the net."
"Thank you for flying Leighton Baines Airlines. You have reached you destination: the back of the net."
Stu Forster

Sure, it's a Saturday in August - if you're a student, perhaps your last days before the semester starts - but why would you want to go outside when there are some perfectly good links to click?


  • Alexander "Don't Call Me 'Alex'" Steen is in the final year of his contract. The Blues would like to make that not be true any longer. I like Alexander Steen. So I agree. [Frozen Notes]
  • This may not be news to many of you, but there's a Blues subreddit. (For the uninitiated, is basically a huge message board for everything, while a "subreddit" is an individual topic to reddit "reddit" an internet verb, like Google or Facebook? I don't know.) This link is honestly the first time I've been there, so I have no idea if it's a good place to be or another Asylum...but some dude needs help finding a picture of Pierre Turgeon. So go help a brotha out! [/r/StLouisBlues]


  • Remember that Ottawa sports writer who Matt Cooke ended up confronting after he called Cooke out on turtle-ing? Now he wonders why Daniel Alfredsson would leave the Senators to go "to a dump like Detoilet -- and if you have ever visited Motown's downtown, you can't object to that classification." I like him. [Ottawa Sun]
  • You think you love the Blues more than anyone else in the world? Have you gladly and repeatedly risked skin cancer to show your support of your hockey team, even in the blazing summer sun? No? Then get on this guy's level!* [Puck Daddy] *This statement is in no way an endorsement of improper use of sun screen while out in the sun by myself, St. Louis Game Time, or our parent website, SBNation. I, J-Mill, St. Louis Game Time (both in print and website form), and SBNation are not liable for any UV-related ailments contracted while replicating the linked-to act, including but not limited to: sun burn, skin peeling, and skin cancer. In other words, just don't be a dumbass.
  • A good rule to be a not-shitty person is to never troll, in real life OR on the internet. But if you HAVE to troll someone (you don't), don't be dumb enough to troll the one NHLer who will obviously troll back: Biz Nasty. Stick tap to Gene Jordan, via our Facebook page. [Deadspin]


  • Trained ballet dancers are every bit as athletic as professional hockey players, in some cases significantly more so (enter your favorite Martin Brodeur joke here). The biggest difference: dancers can practice their trade in everyday situations, such as in a library, at a Yankees game, or my favorite of the gallery: on the toilet. Congratulations - your post-clicking-this-link day has been made! [Leenks]
  • Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be touring again next year. To celebrate, Rolling Stone lists the 15 best unreleased songs of The Boss' career. Because they're the Rolling Stone. But seriously, there's some great shit here! [Rolling Stone]
  • Today is the start of the English Premier League season, which thanks to NBCSports now has more comprehensive coverage in America than in England (seriously, let that sink in for a second). Here's why you're new favorite team is Everton: 1) They wear blue, 2) They're The Best Team in Liverpool two years running (suck it, Reds!), 3) Leighton Baines is essentially an English Al MacInnis and Marouane Fellaini looks like a small moon of afro with a midfielder attached to it. Also, Everton could very well finish in the top 4 (competitive with a chance of payoff), but it's hardly expected (underdog). Here's a couple links with more info on The People's Club. [NBC Sports Team Guide] [Pro Soccer Talk Team Preview]


Why watch the Premier League? Imagine if the 2004 Red Sox had won the World Series, coming back from down 3 games to 0, then won game 7 in David Freese/Bobby Thompson fashion. And also that they had beaten the Yankees in the World Series. And that both teams played in the same city. That happened just a year and a half ago. I don't even like Manchester City, and I still can never get enough of that moment!

OKAY, soccer just isn't your thing?'s one I'm sure we can all get behind: what if The Phantom Menace didn't suck donkey balls? I actually really like these ideas, as well as the Episode II video he just came out with.

If you guys don't send me shit, it'll just be more Star Wars and soccer every weekend until hockey comes back. (Which is still a long time away...*sigh*)