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Friday Links - Bouwners For Everyone!

The Blues inked a long-term extension with a defenseman, but not THAT one, but it's still good. Hitchcock has plans for Pääjärvi. Players overcome cancer. The MLS is expanding. And weird toy names. It's Friday, bitches!

Get used to this creepy face. This really talented creepy face.
Get used to this creepy face. This really talented creepy face.

I hear a good defenseman got a good contract yesterday.


  • That good defenseman was . . . Jay Bouwmeester . . . Alex Pietrangelo's top-pairing partner got a five-year deal worth $27MM, or nearly $1.3MM less per year than his current contract, which expires after next season. Army is fucking brilliant. [SLGT]
  • Hildy also had a piece comparing Pietrangelo to Zach Bogosian and confirmed what everyone probably knows (or wants to hear) . . . Bogosian doesn't really compare to Pietrangelo. [SLGT]
  • CrossCheckRaise passes along a great read from Jason Gregor. In it, Ken Hitchcock notes that he wants to get the Umlaut Overlord, Magnus Pääjärvi--a large young man with great straight-line speed--to "play through people". I. Love. That. [Oilers Nation]


  • In the biggest #NoShit decision of the offseason thus far . . . the Red Wings will retire the number 5 of Nicklas Lidstrom next season, ahead of a March 6th home game against the Colorado Avalanche. [Red Wings]
  • Brandon Davidson and his teammates talked about Davidson's battle with testicular cancer and to get back on the ice. [Oilers]
  • T.J. Brodie got a two-year extension with the Flames. Not sure he's worth that kind of money, but whatever. [Flames]


  • UIWWildthing delivers . . . STICKY BACON BREAD. HO. LEE. SHIT. [Oh Bite It]
  • The MLS says they will add four new teams by 2020. St. Louis is thought to be a frontrunner, and the fact that St. Louis has no MLS team YET is a testament to how fucking stupid the people with money in St. Louis are. (That last part . . . merely my opinion.) [Deadspin]
  • "Supernatural" star Misha Collins tweeted out his phone number the other day . . . [Twitter / @mishacollins] . . . and, not surprisingly, he got a lot of calls and texts. [Twitter / @mishacollins]


Kate presents this video of a child who has a demented way of naming toys. Check it out.

And people think grown-ups are sick and perverted.

Oh, and I DO have a guest links master for next week. I'll let you know who that is . . . tomorrow.