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Wednesday Links - Sweet, Sweet Organ MIDI

NHL '14's Anniversary edition brings back that great goal tune, Jaro's healthy and ready to kick some ass, refreshers on the Blackhawks, the Ducks' ice was painted Pittsburgh and Ian Laperriere is a badass. I'm back for a couple days.

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Well. SOMEONE had to lose on Monday. BIG. Thanks, Newcastle!
Well. SOMEONE had to lose on Monday. BIG. Thanks, Newcastle!
Alex Livesey

Hey, Newcastle United is gonna suck this year. Then again, Manchester City is . . . uhhhhhh, kinda good, as you may have seen from the video J-Mill posted a few days back.

Oh well. I'm back, and I got links.


  • NHL '14 is out soon, and apparently with it is coming the MIDI "When The Blues Go Marching In" music from the NHL '94 version of the game. This should be part of EVERY Blues goal, even in fantasy world, so I approve. [SLGT]
  • Jaroslav Halak is slim, trim, patched up with coach and ready to play. Maybe it'll stop people from bitching about him. Probably not, though. [SLGT]
  • Hildy's "Meet The New Central Division" series continues with a team we know way too fucking well . . . the Goddamn Blackhawks . . . with the kids from Second City Hockey. [SLGT]
  • I wasn't much of a fan of Ian Laperriere when he was with the Blues, but I have grown to like him in retirement. Cornfed at the SLGT Facebook Group passed along this one about him completing a Triathlon this offseason, which is totally fucking badass. []
  • The Blues' first pick of the 2013 draft, 2nd rounder William Carrier, signed his first pro contract, a three-year entry-level deal.
  • Cornfed also posted on the SLGT Facebook Group something about Blue Crew tryouts. Whatever, give me a good hockey team, assholes. [Blues on Facebook]


  • The Honda Center in Anaheim was painted in Penguins colors because they needed Sidney Crosby to shoot a commercial there. Ummmmm, whatever. [SB Nation]
  • Speaking of the Penguins and people who got out of things . . . Dan Bylsma was able to skip jury duty since he's gonna be in Sochi. Nicely done. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • "By next week, I know what I am going to do." This is what Teemu Selanne tells us. Suuuuuure, Teemu. #TeemuForever [Puck Daddy]
  • Sheldon Souray hurt his wrist while working out and will be shelved for up to six months. Also, he's old. [Ducks]
  • Want a really tall defenseman that plays much shorter than his actual height and moves about as well as a traffic cone, if not slower? Hal Gill hopes someone does. (Hal Gill sucks. I've said this for years.) [Globe & Mail]
  • I'll give the Sharks this . . . their new sweaters look a shit-ton less clunky without all that weird striping shit all over it. [Puck Daddy]


  • More clearing from the SLGT Facebook Group . . . Batman fighting a shark with a lightsaber. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. (s/t Todd Vogt) [Facebook]
  • Former NFL player Wade Davis will be the executive director of the You Can Play Team. [Outsports]
  • What can a well-placed lightning strike do to some very dry timber? Start a massive fucking wildfire, that's what. This is happening about 20 miles from my apartment (the fire itself is visible from Missoula at night), and in a handful of days it's gone from basically nothing to covering over 8000 acres and has destroyed several homes in its' path. Ho. Lee. Shit. [KPAX]


Time to watch a bunch of people fail.

Admit it. You feel better now. Unless you were one of those people. Then, you're probably icing your balls right now.