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Saturday Open Bar

It's a Saturday...if you're like me, you're too hungover to click too many links anyway. But we'll still meet your daily quota.

Uggghh...just don't make too much noise, will you? My head...
Uggghh...just don't make too much noise, will you? My head...
Jeff Gross


Firstly, sorry about no links yesterday - the system was all jankie, or at least it was from my computer. Second, I'm perhaps a few sheets to the wind, so I'm throwing up an open thread. Talk about shit!

All that said, I've got Blues shit for you to click!

  • Blues single game tickets* go on sale this morning at 10:00 am central daylight time. Follow this link to immediately be placed in a waiting room and have to wait for an hour and a half. [Blues]
  • *EXCEPT for certain games including dates against the Blackhawks, Redwings, and opening night against the Predators. As Hildy explains, the Blues are copying Smashville's plan to keep out Hawks fans by forcing them to buy tickets to another game. Personally, I loathe this plan. It's the PR equivalent of kicking a field goal on 4th & goal from the 1. You're admitting defeat at the box office. You don't want to take Chicago money? Fine, then either a) up your advertising of those games and get them to sell the fuck out, or b) make the Hawks lose again. Once they stop winning, not only will those douches stop coming, you'll find room at the UC for thousands of Blues fans again. Win-win-win! [SLGT]
  • I have to say, it seems that the latest installment of "How-To Hate" has been wildly successful! But of the (as of this writing) 597 comments, very few of them are from any of us Blues fans. I understand wanting to skip the political junk (please do so), but go ahead and get in the game, people! Or at the very least, get inspired by Megalodon's seething hatred! (Thanks again, Meg!) [SLGT]
  • Jaro has a new mask. I think it looks cool...but what the hell's up with the bull? Stick tap to Anthony Flores. [Head Strong Grafx]
  • A possible solution to The Pietrangelo PuzzleTM: a short "bridge" deal, a la PK Subban. IMO, that should be a last resort option. Sure, the Habs saved money this year, but what id Subban go out and do? Win a Norris Trophy. They could've had him long term for $5 mill, now next summer it'll probably take them closer to $7 mill. Just give Petro what he wants as long as he wants it! [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • James O'Brien of PHT believes that there's one person who's season could decide if the Blues are just a playoff team or a true Cup contender: Derek Roy. [PHT]

Got 20 minutes? Because the links are light, I know you do...stick tap to Terec Morgan-Willson for this great mini-documentary of NHL refs. Gotta love the sass McCreery gives Prongs!

After the mix-up yesterday and the lightness today, tomorrow will promise to be a link-splosion! If you want to contribute to it, send me your shit!

Have hope. Hockey's coming for you.