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Monday Links - PPR For Life

Point-Per-Reception fantasy football leagues are for Americans, the rest are for fascists. Dumb opinions about sports clothing. Full young Blues info for Traverse City. Blog hackers in Ottawa. And Teej had it rough during the lockout. Fuck Monday.

If you hate PPR leagues, you hate David Backes. And if you hate David Backes, you hate America. And if you hate America, you are a dirty communist.
If you hate PPR leagues, you hate David Backes. And if you hate David Backes, you hate America. And if you hate America, you are a dirty communist.
Bruce Bennett

I took the day off from work yesterday to participate in a few fantasy football drafts. Two of them were not Point-Per-Reception leagues. The people running these leagues may be dirty red communists. One of them . . . our very own Poor College Student.

So if he starts wearing a bunch of CCCP gear . . . get him in line. Just warning you.



  • Beyond Checkerdome Episode 6 was recorded over the weekend. We finally got around to talking about some shit we've been putting off. It'll post later this week.
  • According to Paul Lukas, the Blues have the 109th best uniform in major professional sports (MLB, NBA, NFL & NHL), but he seems to base his description a lot on the third sweater without saying that he is describing the third sweater, which is kinda like basing a story on the burning of Atlanta on a base camp in Alabama. Sure, they might have been involved, but it sure doesn't tell the whole fucking story. Anyway, Hildy had her piece on this, and it's valid. [SLGT]
  • Our man on everything about Tomorrow's Blues, Brian Weidler, comes through again with all the info you need on the Blues' roster at the Traverse City prospect tournament. [SLGT]
  • Yesterday's entry in Puck Daddy's excellent National Hockey League of Nations series was on the Blues. Hildy makes her picks and thankfully avoids putting Brett Hull in as both the American AND Canadian rep, which is to be commended, and didn't shit all over it like The Royal Half did. [Puck Daddy]


  • The St. Charles Chill announced several folks who received camp tryouts. Among them was former North Dakota goalie Tate Maris, who is more famous for practically never playing at NoDak and being a spectacular Twitter follow (@TAT3MARI5) than anything. More on Tate in the "VIDEOS" section . . . he's a damn beauty. [Twitter / @STCChill]
  • Roberto Luongo has had one HELL of an offseason. HELL, emphasized. He recounted it with James Duthie, and noted Puck Daddy blogger and Canucks fan Harrison Mooney gives us his thoughts on what we learned. [Puck Daddy]
  • Things were really, REALLY bad for Jeff Vanderbeek and company before Joshua Harris and David Blitzer swept in and bought the New Jersey Devils. How bad? Well . . . just read. []
  • The Ottawa Senators may also be financial trouble, but you can't find it at HockeyBuzz anymore since all of Travis Yost's posts about their troubles have seemingly disappeared . . . and coincidentally, the hacking was done through a domain connected to an organization Eugene Melnyk is affiliated with. Well that's unfortunate. [Puck Daddy]


  • People attend preseason NFL games for some reason, and some folks make it worth their while by running onto the field. Otherwise, I could give a shit about preseason NFL games (or the fact that the Broncos won because the Rams went for 2 on Saturday . . . preseason football blows). [SB Nation]
  • Speaking of preseason football . . . all sorts of fucked up shit happened on this play, which ended with a Chargers touchdown when the Cardinals should've had possession but fucked up. Hell, just watch it. [Deadspin]
  • Steroids make sportswriters write dumb shit. Like this horrible paragraph about Alex Rodriguez. [Deadspin]


Brad Miller Time, a University of North Dakota Hockey video series that had been co-hosted by the aforementioned Tate Maris, examined how rough NoDak alum T.J. Oshie had it during the lockout last year. Well, at least he wasn't sucking dick for coke, I guess.

Poor guy. I think he's doing okay now, though.