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Beyond Checkerdome: Episode 6

Beyond Checkerdome is uploaded for your perusal and enjoyment.

"It's got that new-podcast-episode smell"
"It's got that new-podcast-episode smell"
Jim McIsaac

Hello everyone!

Who's bright idea was it, to start a podcast during the slowest part of the year, news-wise? Nonetheless, Donut King and I are up to the challenge. Click to listen here on-site, OR right-click and "save as" to take it with you. Either way, please take some time and let us fill your ear-hole with some rambling:

Beyond Checkerdome: Episode 6

This week we talk about the Blues ticketing policy, DK introduces us to a new beer, and we preview and predict the upcoming season in the "New" Central Division. Guaran-damn-teed to be the only podcast to explain why St Louis Game Time is like a classy Bogart movie.

Also: Beyond Checkerdome is now certified Political Flame War free!!

All that, and more! Check it out!

Thanks for listening!

CrossCheckRaise and Donut King