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Friday Links: "Good, but average."

You'll give today's links a better review than Tarasenko gave his rookie season!

"Vlad, Vlad, Vlad of the Jungle - watch out for that-[CRASH]"
"Vlad, Vlad, Vlad of the Jungle - watch out for that-[CRASH]"

Sorry for no How-To Hate this week - still waiting to hear back from a couple interviews.

In the mean time, let's open some browsers and read some shit!


  • Have you listened to the newest episode of Beyond Checkerdome? Do it. Tyler & Tim (Tim-ler?) preview the new Central division, talk about the Plagers, and beer, glorious beer! [SLGT]
  • If you're reading this, you've probably already heard that David Backes has been listed among Team America: Fuck Yeah! Team USA's "leadership group." But have you heard how Cap feels about that? (Spoiler alert: he doesn't hate it.) [STLToday]
  • JR thinks you'll love to hate Maxim Lapierre. Or he's on your team, so you'd think that you'll hate to love him. Not sure, but one thing's for sure: he is definitely under contract with the professional ice hockey club in Saint Louis, Missouri. Also, he's the subject of today's poll! [STLToday]
  • Barret Jackman will be riding bikes tomorrow morning at 10 for charity in Francis Park. For more information or to help out and/or contribute yourself, here's some more information. [Blues]
  • Vladimir Tarasenko considers his rookie season "good, but average." Nice to hear that Tank Frank is aware of reality. [Frozen Notes]


  • Later today EA Sports will announce the 10 highest rated players in NHL 14. They've already listed Alex Pietrangelo as the 15th best player in the game at 90 overall. I'd say that's worth, say, $7 million for 8 years, don't you? [EA Sports]
  • Evgeni Nabokov doesn't understand why he isn't Team Russia's top choice in goal anymore. Someone should show him a calendar and point how it's no longer 2006. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Tomas Kaberle could be close to trading being a terribly overpaid NHL defenseman for being a terribly overpaid KHL defenseman. [Puck Daddy]
  • Daniel Carcillo is ready to not get any playing time in LA this year. Half of the time it'll be because he's suspended, the other half it'll be because he is remarkably untalented at hockey. [Pro Hockey Talk]


  • Tim/CCR passes this fantastic in-depth piece from our neighbors over at Turf Show Times (which if you weren't aware is the SBN site for the 2014 NFL Wild Card St. Louis Rams - seriously, mark it down) about CTE, or Chronic Trauma Encephalopathy, in the NFL and among former NFL players. This is not just a sports issue (although it heavily applies to hockey as well), it's a human issue. [TST]
  • Speaking of such occurrences, the NFL doesn't know what else to do to get people to stop talking about these serious health issues, so they did what they always do: throw a fuck ton of money at it. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Life got you down? Bill Watterson, aka, the creator of Calvin & Hobbes, has some truly uplifting advice for you. [HuffPost]
  • Word of advice: it doesn't matter how brilliant Chappelle's Show was (the answer is: very. Very brilliant), don't got see Dave Chappelle live and shout out "RICK JAMES BITCH!" at him during his set. In fact, don't say a fucking thing to him during the set, unless he directly asks you a question. On second thought, if you're in a seat of any kind, watching literally any kind of entertainment (with the possible exception of a rock concert), if you make a single noise other than laughter or applause, you're a terrible human being and I don't want to know you. Dave Chappelle agrees, so he made some terrible humans pay for being terrible. [Laughing Button]


It's Friday, so I don't think anyone will care if I throw two videos at you today. C'mon, live a little!

First up, some awesome Mario Parkour. If you don't know what parkour is, imagine all those YouTube clips of people jumping over rails and off of buildings, then falling and busting their nuts? Well, imagine they didn't fall, and instead just kept doing it. This is parkour...minus the coins and koopas (...I think...I mean I've never taking a parkour class, so maybe the koopas are involved usually).

Next, we have a bunch of Russian soldiers singing the best Bond song since the 70s, on what seems to some sort of "Good Morning, Moscow" kind of thing. In my perfect world, instead of having an Olympic goal song, these guys would sing live after every goal in Sochi!

Did today's links leave you unsatisfied? Then tell me what you want me to do for you - I'm not a mind reader! Tell me what you like give me shit to link!

I'm not cutting off the Facebook page when it comes to links like DK has been threatening, I'm just too lazy to link it right now.