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Saturday Links: Reluctantly Cheering on the Chief

Is it hockey season Then I guess some other doomed underachieving sports team will have to do for now...

I want the guy on the left to be my best friend.
I want the guy on the left to be my best friend.

According to the site traffic reports, someone stumbled upon yesterday's links post by googling the phrase "two fucking couple." I like to imagine that when they arrived at SLGT they got really upset that they didn't find what they were looking for.

Let's disappoint some more perverts who don't know how to use the Internet, shall we?


  • No real Blues news today, but if you want in on some Official St. Louis Game Time Fantasy Hockey, then today is the day after your lucky day! [SLGT]


  • Either NHL 14 is actually a period piece set in 2011, or EA Sports agrees that the Wild stole Ryan Suter and they want to return him to the Predators. [Facebook]
  • Leland Irving, goalie for Jokerit Helsinki in Finland made like Willie Mays and wowed a recent European Trophy competition with a save of the year. [Puck Daddy]
  • Stars fans are looking to this season and the future with bright optimism, which as any Blues fan will tell you is always the first step to any truly soul-crushing, spirit killing disappointment. [Defending Big D]
  • Oh, and Teemu Selanne made a YouTube video you should see:


  • There's nothing better than a perfectly timed photograph. Nothing. Think that statement needs some backing up? Here's 50 examples! [Twisted Sifter]
  • College football starts today. Me, I'm not really a follower of college football, which is my euphemism for saying that I'm an Illini fan. If Illinois wins 5 games this year, I'd be ecstatic! But while we wait for another random, miracle, Cinderella run by the Illini to be blown-out in a BCS game, here are some old mock-ups of ways to make U of I at least look good. [The Champaign Room]
  • Sorry, Kristen Bell, you can keep your sloths, the new champion of ridiculously fucking adorable in the animal kingdom: wombats. [Buzzfeed]
  • If you know your science, you know nothing can escape a black hole...but did you know that apparently black holes let just anything in? There's a really off-color joke in there, but I'll just leave it to your imagination. We keep this shit classy at Game Time. [CNN]
  • More science for your Saturday: why aren't there any tigers in Africa? Let's find out! [Live Science]


Not gonna lie: I can't help but love a well performed magic act! But you can keep your Copperfields and Angels - I'll take Penn & Teller any day of the week! Here's one of my favorites.

Is it just going to be a thing that I post two videos? Maybe. After all, as the wise R. Kelly once said: "It's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun!" This my favorite Derrick Comedy sketch. It's some intense shit.


Tomorrow is September. After that is October...which means hockey. And less other things.