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Monday Links: YouTube-apalooza!

You have time to waste - we've got videos!

"...I wish I still had a beard..."
"...I wish I still had a beard..."
John Grieshop

In lieu of traditional links, today I wanted to do a special all-video edition because I made the rookie mistake of using up all of the good August hockey news yesterday!

So without further adieu...

First of, stick tap to our own CCR (not to be confused with the other CCR) for these highlights of Peter Capaldi, aka Doctor Who as of this Christmas, and his work from "The Thick of It." I'd never heard of this show, but it looks pretty damn good, so I'll look it up. If this is any indication, the 12th Doctor is going to be pretty fucking intense. (Strong language, people at work).

Recently, ESPN did a poll to decide the best "This is Sports Center" commercial they've ever done. Somehow, this didn't make the list...unless it did...I don't really care...but it's one of my favorites!

Jeremy Weiss of Weiss Tech Hockey has a lot of great YouTube videos, many of which break down basic special teams schemes, forechecking assignments, and breakout plays, among a ton more things. This one breaks down the Jets power play from last year to find out why they weren't so good. It's a great way to catch up on one of our newest divisional rivals, plus see some mistakes that the Blues hopefully won't be making this year but undoubtedly will.

Next, it's time you learned about friction. Let Dr. Soompa learn ya'll some edumacation! N quite SFW

Ever wonder why Chris Nolan decided against putting The Riddler in his third Dark Knight movie? Here's your answer:

We'll finish up with something that rocks!

In the event that a certain franchise defensman signs a certain contractual agreement, I officially sanction the comments to this post as a celebratory GIF party! At least until Hildy or whoever makes a proper post.

In the mean time, send me shit to link!

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