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Wednesday Links: Crystal Blue Persuasion

Today we honor the beginning of the end of Breaking Bad (Sunday August 11 on AMC)...because I won't be linking shit on Sunday.

Jonathan Daniel

The final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad start this Sunday, but since I'm just the stop-gap links master, I decided to dedicate today's links to The Great Heisenberg! (I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, I promise!)

And if you've never watched Breaking's the perfect time to start! Not only will you fly through it so fast that you'll be caught up before the finale, but there's currently no hockey to distract you! (No hockey?...awww, I made myself sad...)

So anyway...let's get cooking!


  • Yesterday, Hildy began a ABQ DEA P2P Q&A series with our SBNation Central division brothers and sisters with some thoughts on the Avalanche from Cheryl of Mile High Hockey.
  • With all due respect to our good friend Norm Sanders, if I read another piece on the Pietrangelo negotiations that isn't based around a signed, finalized contract, I will stab someone with a broken dinner plate! Still, this one at least has more "news" than the other day. [BND]
  • Now here's some Sanders worth reading: Hitch is pretty excited over the potential line combinations this year, particularly pairing Magnus Paajarvi with Patrik Berglund together. Anyone know what's the Swedish for "Los Pollos Hermanos?" [BND]
  • The NHLPA has a nice write-up on Brian Elliott and his off-ice workout routine, which includes yoga & juggling, to improve his balance. YEAH SCIENCE! Stick-tap to Hall Plante (& DK for the forward). [NHLPA]

    Read more here:


  • Our old pal Chris Mason is taking his product over seas to the Czech Republic Italy. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Imagine the most disgusting thing a professional athlete can sell to you. ...No, not that, you fucking perv! Andrew Shaw is doing the next grossest thing: auctioning off his stitches from the Cup Finals. To be fair though, the proceeds will go to fighting cancer - possibly through [Puck Daddy]
  • Later today, EA Sports will release a trailer of NHL 14's newest game mode called Live The Life. Among other things, you'll be able to do interviews and keep track of your relationship with your family. Key to winning this mode: no matter how bad the decisions you make are, if you do them for the good of your family, then they weren't bad decisions. [EASports]
  • Jarome Iginla & Loui Eriksson want to replace Walt & Jesse Nathan Horton & Tyler Seguin with the Bruins. Yeah, well that's what Gale wanted, too. [Pro Hockey Talk]


  • Walter White or Tony Montana: can you guess who said what? I got 10/11, which is almost like 99.1% purity. [Vulture]
  • Cracked and their readers present "30 Famous Actors You Didn't Recognize In Famous Roles." Among them is Bryan Cranston, who you probably know was on Malcolm in the Middle before he landed Breaking Bad...but did you know that he was also Tim Whatley, Jerry's dentist who converted to Judaism just so he could make Jewish jokes on Seinfeld? [Cracked]
  • For just 6 weeks of making Walt's crystal blue meth for Gus, you can buy Cameron's house from Ferris Bueller. [Chicago Tribune]
  • A guy tried to sell his girlfriend's newborn baby on Craigslist...because she was paying more attention to it than to him. This sick attention whore would get along great with Marie Schrader. [New York Daily News]


Double feature today. First up is one of the most famous monologues in TV history...with a bit of an Aflac-ian twist.

And lastly, a reminder that even with homicidal cartel assassins after you and your family, the DEA on your trail, and your wife nagging you about keeping a low profile, you can still make it fresh with The Freshmaker!

I've got one more day on the GT Links beat, so if you've got anything you're just dying to share, send it my way (preferably ricin free)!

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