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Tuesday Links - Ambassador of Ill-Fitting Sweaters

Brett Hull's return to the Blues is official. Hal Gill will now be colored like a pylon. Family feud in Raleigh. Jonathan Toews is not impressed with the Team Canada sweater. Later, Kipper. And pull a pint for wheelchair basketball.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Has Petro signed yet?


  • Brett Hull's return to the Blues was made official at 6:16pm CDT yesterday. Hull was named Executive Vice President (or as some folks are calling it, "The Ambassador of Fun") of the team. [Blues]
  • The Blues finished 5th in the Traverse City prospects tournament by beating the living hell out of the Hurricanes. Ryan Tesink netted a hat trick. [Blues]


  • The NHL clarified Rule 48. No word on how long it will take for NHL officials to figure out how to misinterpret the new clarification. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [CBC]
  • The Blues and Maple Leafs are getting shat on by the hockey public regarding the handling of their young RFA's, but the Rangers are not regarding the handling of Derek Stepan, which dumbfounds Ryan Lambert. [Puck Daddy]
  • Hal Gill, who best resembles a traffic cone on his best day, will have a chance to wear an orange uniform and actually LOOK like a traffic cone in training camp. The hilarious Flyers offseason continues . . . hey, more on that later. [CSN Philly]
  • Jason Karmanos, the son of Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos, has been fired by the team due to a "family matter". That . . . is quite vague. [Charlotte News Observer / Canes Now]
  • Miikka Kiprusoff could've probably played overseas this year, but instead made his retirement official yesterday. His replacement? Well . . . not even the Flames know at this point. [Flames]
  • My girlfriend has family in Carbonear, NL, hometown of Dan Cleary, former Red Wings forward who just agreed to a 3-year, $8.25MM contract with a no-trade clause with the Flyers that won't become official until October. So Kate can start liking him again, which is good, because she loves Newfies, obviously. But if you're wondering whether or not Paul Holmgren quit doing shrooms in the offseason, you got your answer. He didn't. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • You might've seen Part 1 of Jonathan Toews not being impressed with the new Team Canada sweaters. Now, Part 2. Brace yourself. [Puck Daddy]
  • Ray Emery's mask pays tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen. And because of this, if it weren't for Jamal Mayers, Ray Emery would be my favorite former Blackhawk. [In Goal Magazine]
  • David Steckel, a face-off specialist who might be best known for giving Sidney Crosby that concussion at the Winter Classic a couple years back, will get a tryout from the Minnesota Wild. [Star-Tribune]
  • Chris Osgood will be an analyst for Fox Sports Detroit. His surrounding cast will be better than him, but he'll probably get voted into the broadcasting wing of the Hockey Hall of Fame. [Fox Sports Detroit]



CrossCheckRaise likes Guinness, and after this, the both of us have a new-found respect for Guinness.


And it's Tuesday, which means Hildy will have another "Meet The New Central Division" for you later this morning, so stay tuned.