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Wednesday Links - AmnesDiPietro

Jets fans are not high on Ondrej Pavelec. DiPietro's house is on the market. Nazem Kadri is getting about half of what he wanted. Idiot Leafs fans. 3-on-3 overtimes? Tits for pizza in ChamBana. And TWO videos. I never want to move again.

This guy likely is worth a bit more than the $2.9MM the Leafs will be paying him over the next two years.
This guy likely is worth a bit more than the $2.9MM the Leafs will be paying him over the next two years.

What's great about moving from one apartment to another across town is that you can, in a way, say "FUCK YOU" to your old landlord. What sucks about moving from one apartment to another across town is that you're too fucking tired afterward to think straight, and therefore your "FUCK YOU" to the landlord is pretty much out of the question by that point.

In a related matter, I compiled these early, so if you sent me after about 11pm CDT last night . . . sorry, it'll be on tomorrow.

On to your links!


  • Hildy introduces us to another new divisional opponent, and this one has personal roots to her and traditional roots for all of us . . . the Winnipeg Jets . . . and apparently, the gang at Arctic Ice Hockey are not Ondrej Pavelec fans. [SLGT]


  • This home on Long Island is on the market for $5.9MM. Who did it belong to? If you guessed Islanders Amnesty Buyout Goaltender Rick DiPietro, you win! (You don't win a damn thing, but you . . . still win.) [Shawn Elliott]
  • Nazem Kadri finally signed a two-year bridge contract with the Maple Leafs for $5.8MM, or much less than he was hoping to land in a longer-term deal. Surely Leafs fans will get off his case aboAAHAHAHAHAHA WHATEVER THIS IS TORONTO WE'RE TALKING ABOUT [Toronto Star]
  • Speaking of Leafs and being idiots . . . we get handcuffs AND jersey fouls, all in one! [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • NHL GM's are starting to think 3-on-3 overtime hockey is a good idea. Whatever gets rid of the possibility of a fucking shootout, I'm all for. [Puck Daddy]
  • I didn't watch this video, but apparently you can see the decision-making that led to the Bruins dealing Tyler Seguin to the Stars in that big deal this offseason. [Puck Daddy]


  • S/T to Ken Elliott for pointing out this week's Funbag on Deadspin from Big Daddy Drew . . . where they ask "is it okay to participate in a threesome with your cousin?" (I'd put a poll up, but I'd be afraid of the answers.) [Deadspin]
  • Chris Davis of the Orioles fouls a ball off in the batter's box, it bounces, spins off one of his jersey buttons and lands in his shirt. You need a GIF to fully see why this sounds much more amazing than it actually is. [Deadspin]
  • Dos a Cero. 'Merica is gonna kick big white balls in Brazil next year. (Wait, that sounded . . . well, some would find it erotic, anyway.) [SB Nation]
  • Go to Drew's Pizza in Champaign, IL if you're a female that wants a free large pizza. Just show them your tits. [Deadspin]


Going J-Mill style with a daily double. First, from Kate . . . the Avengers blooper reel is amazingly awesome.

Then, from CrossCheckRaise . . . reason number 47 why pop music sucks. Most of the songs use the same four chords in the same pattern. Hell, I can fucking do THAT.

And here I was, hoping the prophecy set forward by the name of 80's alternative band Pop Will Eat Itself would eventually come true. God. Damnit.

Game Time "Fancy Stats" guy Robb Tufts has a book review for you later today. Also, Episode 8 of Beyond Checkerdome is coming in the next day or two, I think . . . but at the moment, we're not sure when. So stay tuned.