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Saturday Links: You're Welcome

I have superpowers. Just accept it and move on. Also, will it kill ya' to click some links once in a while?

Pictured: Alex Pietrangelo, filming his remake of The Blair Witch Project.
Pictured: Alex Pietrangelo, filming his remake of The Blair Witch Project.
Jim McIsaac

Before I get going today I'd just like to throw-out a few stick-taps for a couple of yesterday's links that I forgot to acknowledge (that's what happens when an insomniac like me takes until 4:30 am to finish a post). The Blues/My Little Pony fan art post was brought to you by Anthony Flores, while the Weird Al music video/cartoon was thanks to Will Gregorich, aka, Blunatic. Sorry for the lack of citations.

Now, shall we "link," as your mother said?


  • Yesterday at 10:00am CDT, I published an "Open Letter to Doug Armstrong" with some respectful yet stern words for the Blues GM concerning the Petro contract situation...... [SLGT]
  • ......then less than four hours later, shortly before 2:00pm CDT, Alex Pietrangelo was signed to a 7 year, $6.5 million/year contract. All I'm saying is that you can't prove that I'm not directly responsible. I wonder what I should use my new found superpowers on next? Are you pondering what I'm pondering, Pinky? A POLL [Blues]
  • In other news - which believe it or not, there is - JR has a nice report from the first day of camp, saying that the "homegrown talent" needs to step-up into the veteran leadership roles. [STLToday]
  • Speaking of early camp reports, apparently one guy who's been impressing Hitch so far is Ian Cole. [Frozen Notes]
  • If any of you plan on taking in some training camp practices, particularly with some sort of photograph-taking device, the our St. Louis Game Time Prospects Department calls upon you for a great quest! You can become (regionally) famous beyond you mildest dreams! [SLGT]


  • The Canadian teams are about to be featured on Canadian stamps by the Canadian post office, because Canada. [NHL]
  • We have some updated preseason Stanley Cup odds: the Fuckhawks are still the betting favorites at 6/1, with the Blues third in line at 12/1, even with the Kings and behind the 15/2 Penguins and 10/1 Bruins. And if you're looking for a Hail Mary long shot to make you some real money, might I suggest Tampa Bay at 50/1? [Stanley Cup]
  • Marc Andre-Fleury continues to be embarrassing. He reportedly gave up 4 goals in the Pens first scrimmage...on 3 shots faced. The fourth was allegedly an own goal that was so bad it was beyond words. Literally. [SBNation NHL]
  • Apparently Tim Thomas has some "offers on the table." Although to be fair, the one supposedly from the Panthers isn't so much an "offer" as it is a "grovel and pleading" kind of thing. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Recently Coach No-Neck has been openly talking about playing Seth Jones on a pairing with Shea Weber in Nashville. When I first posted something about that, I said I liked that idea. davisca of On the Forecheck does not like that idea in the least. Now I like it even more! [On the Forecheck]


  • Peyton Manning is now playing with the Broncos in Denver, Colorado. The state of Colorado loves the Broncos. The state of Colorado also recently legalized recreational weed. I think you see where this is going. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the next generation of professional athletic endorsements: [Sports Pickle]
  • Word is professional outdoor soccer might be returning the St. Louis, in the form of a USL-Pro team which could begin play as soon as next spring. That's the "third level" league of pro soccer in America, so it may not sound like much, but Dave Lange, author of Soccer Made in St. Louis, explains why it's the biggest and potentially most important step yet in our quest for an MLS team. [Soccer Made in St. Louis]
  • I know you. You want the rarest, highest rated beer in the world, don't you? Well, too bad, because you can't have it...unless you live in Belgium. [Yahoo! Travel]


Just under a month until The Walking Dead comes back, so let's get you caught up on last season - but this is a family-friendly blog (for the sake of this joke), so better tell the story so the kids understand. Time for The Seussing Dead.

Everything ever written or spoken in America that's funny can trace it's roots back to Mark Twain. I've always believed that if he were alive today, he'd be the absolute best at Twitter. Apparently, someone disagrees.

Hey, remember that time I told you that your new favorite EPL team was Everton FC? Well, you can see them live today on NBC (not NBCSports, I mean actual NBC) at 11:30am central when they play Chelsea. At the very least, you should watch to root against Chelsea, because they're name is half-way to being "Chelsea Dagger," so I don't think I need to explain myself further.

Oh, and give me some shit to link.

I suppose I'll still use some links posted on the Facebook page if they're really good, but I'm not going to encourage it. Hopefully that means everyone will take all of their lively non-litigious conversations back over here.

Technically, there's some Blues preseason hockey tomorrow. I haven't decided if I care about it yet, but it does mean that soon there will be actual hockey!