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Thursday Links - Jinx Everything, Why Don't You?

Bunch of Blues news, including the loss and a brutal hit with no "response". Red Wing on Blackhawk Violence. Knuckle Puck. And a bunch more shit.

Last night, Sobotka was NOT the one dishing out the pain, but rather on the receiving end of it.
Last night, Sobotka was NOT the one dishing out the pain, but rather on the receiving end of it.
Kirk Irwin

Hockey season approaches. Real hockey games . . . will be a fun change.

Lots of Blues news today, surprisingly enough.


  • The Blues lost to the Lightning(s) in Orlando 4-3 in a shootout after blowing a 3-0 lead, but nobody fucking cares because it's preseason. But if you listened to the radio broadcast (the only one available was the Lightning(s) broadcast), you got to hear the home team broadcaster get animated enough to short out his microphone at the end. OVER A FUCKING PRESEASON GAME. [Blues]
  • Vladimir Sobotka left the game after a high hit from Adam Erne. Coach Ken Hitchcock was not pleased with the team's "response" to the hit and believes the league will take a look at the hit. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Episode 9 of Beyond Checkerdome posted yesterday. We talk Petro, booze and camp, among other shit. And we have a hosting site! [SLGT]
  • What do you want to know about The Umlaut Overlord? Well, the Blues did a Q&A with Magnus Pääjärvi, so you may not have to wonder anymore. [Blues]
  • The Hockey News picked the Blues to finish 2nd in the Central Division but to win the Stanley Cup. Great, another fucking prognosticator jinxing the shit out of the Blues. (See more in the "VIDEOS" section.) [The Hockey News]
  • Thomas Vannelli, who was the Blues' top pick in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, was supposed to play at Minnesota this season. Aaaaaaaaand he's gone. He'll be a Medicine Hat Tiger instead. Considering the Blues' past history with ex-Gophers, this may not be a bad thing. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]
  • Jordan Binnington has the greatest hockey mask of all fucking time. IN WEST PHILADELPHIA BORN AND RAISED . . . (s/t Sarah Connors) [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]
  • Former Blue David Perron apparently has no friends in Edmonton. Also, movers can lose shit. (s/t Sarah Connors and CrossCheckRaise) [The Score / Backhand Shelf]


  • The St. Charles Chill added a couple guys, Steve Makway (skill) and Riley Emmerson (size), who add some dimensions the club may need for the upcoming season. [SLGT]
  • Red Wings prospect Teemu Pulkkinen pulled the big no-no of plowing Blackhawks defenseman Michael Kostka from behind into the boards in a preseason game. It's bad enough that the league offered an in-person hearing, which means he'll likely be suspended over five games. The hit WAS pretty bad. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • ESPN did not put Bobby Ryan in their top 100 forwards. Ho. Lee. Shit that is bad. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Coyotes are raising money for fallen firefighters. Good on the lads and lasses. [Coyotes]
  • Recently, Kenan Thompson reenacted his "Knuckle Puck" scene from D2. [Puck Daddy]
  • "You've come close to making the playoffs, but not quite. Here, have some job security and a lot of money." "Well, gee, thanks!" [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • The Panthers are about to be sold to a New Yorker, hopefully one that doesn't mind losing a shitload of money. Here's some info about him. [Miami Herald / On Frozen Pond]
  • The mentality of the Blue Jackets is a bit different this season than in previous season. They feel like they can, y'know, WIN GAMES and stuff now. Which is, like, totally fucking awesome. [Union And Blue]
  • Raffi Torres says "My past isn't on my side". Well #NoShit, Raffi. [San Jose Mercury News]


  • iOS7 dropped yesterday, and I don't have any links for it but GODDAMN IT'S AWESOME.
  • Rick Reilly apparently isn't being edited anymore at ESPN. The Palace Of Worldwide Sports Shit apparently can't have enough problems. [Deadspin]
  • A lotto ticket found in a dude's car won him $1MM. Not bad. [Y! / The Sideshow]


As CCR also astutely pointed out, The Hockey News also did a video preview of the Blues. Because jinxes are not just in print/publish form. (WARNING: AutoPlay)


So J-Mill has your weekend links. Send him shit:

Y'know what else J-Mill has later? Another "How-To Hate" piece. This one oughta be a doozy, too.