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Adam Erne Suspended Three Games For Hit On Vladimir Sobotka

The Lightning's young forward put on a good show Wednesday night, but that doesn't mean that Brendan Shanahan let that get in the way of his ruling.

Adam Erne needs to consider himself Shanabanned. Brendan Shanahan released this video explaining the hit on Vladimir Sobotka that knocked the Blues' forward out of commission for the rest of the game.

It's a rough hit and it gave Sobotka enough of a shiner for it to be noticeable today at practice. He'll sit out Friday's pre-season rematch against the Lightning, but Ken Hitchcock plans to get him out there on Saturday night. From the Belleville News-Democrat's Norm Sanders:

"He feels good," St. Louis Blues coach Ken Hitchcock said.

"We'll play him on Saturday. He wanted to play tomorrow, but we'll hold him out and play him on Saturday."

Hitch also said that the lack of response from the Blues after the hit has also been addressed.