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Friday Links: Another Tequlia Sunrise

Some kid with Tampa gets suspended, The Nudge gets paid, and a fan of The Eagles gets stabbed. Oh, and a chupacabra.

Above: T.J. Oshie, working on his duck walk before next month's Chuck Berry show.
Above: T.J. Oshie, working on his duck walk before next month's Chuck Berry show.
Dilip Vishwanat

Lots of clickies today. Let's get to it, shall we?


  • The next Blues preseason game is tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning at Scottrade at 7pm. Radio feed through Y98.1 FM. Here's your official preview, if you're into that sort of thing. [Blues]
  • One person who won't be on the ice tonight is Tampa's Adam Erne who received a three game Shanaban for hitting Vladimir Sobotka's pretty little head. It's not a good hit at all, but let's be real - a three game suspension in the pre-season is about as painful as a really hard high five. Don't worry, ladies, Vodka is fine, though he won't be playing tonight. [SLGT]
  • David Backes continues to be fantastic. This time, he's helping promote Strut Your Mutt St. Louis, a fundraiser on September 28th hoping to raise $50,000 for local area animal rescue organizations. Click here for more information. [Dog Tipper]
  • All 82 Blues games will be on TV this year. Here's the schedule. Set your DVRs accordingly. [Blues]
  • In case you missed it, our "How-To Hate" series wrapped up yesterday with our own Hildymac going to town on her old back-up team, the Atlantapeg ThrasherJets. Not sure which excites me more: that none of the 4 pieces turned out to be less than awesome, or that we got through all 4 without anyone pointing out that none of them were really a "how-to" as much as a "why." [SLGT]


  • Once again, great minds hate alike: Stanley Cup of Chowder also expressed their distaste for the Winnipeg Jets yesterday. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Yesterday you heard how taking your helmet off to fight is a 2-minute penalty (despite the fact that fighting with a helmet on with a visor is also a 2-minute penalty). Turns out Krys Barch and Brett Gallant of the Devils and Islanders respectively, found a way around that - they just undressed each other. Slowly, one imagines. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jamie Benn will wear The 'C' for the Stars. [Defending Big D]
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will be making the big bucks now. He just signed a new 7 year, $42 million deal, meaning he'll be a $6 million cap hit, which will be a steal 2-3 years from now when he gets traded to Southern California. [Copper & Blue]
  • Remember how at the beginning of the off-season, we told you to pay attention because there would be a test at the end? No? Well tough shit, Professor Brown, Down Goes is passing out your test packets now. Eyes on your own paper, please. [Grantland]


  • HEADLINE: "Woman Stabs Roommate for Refusing to Stop Listening to The Eagles." [Gawker]
  • There's a fucking chupacabra in St. Louis. Seriously. (Or at least as serious as something like this could be.) [FOX 2 Now St. Louis]
  • Here's something you don't see around these parts too often: congratulations, Chicago! You are now officially the Murder Capitol of America! I knew you could do it! [Yahoo! News]
  • You're doing food wrong. [Keep Smiling]
  • Former St. Louis Ram (technically) and Illini wide receiver Brandon Lloyd seems to have contracted a serious bug - the acting bug. He's shooting a zombie movie with one of the Not-Jack Donaghy Baldwin brothers. [Laces Out]
  • Film making geniuses Pixar (who just happen to make animated family movies) is pushing back the release of The Good Dinosaur, which was supposed to be their 2014 movie. Now there won't be a new Pixar release until June 2015. As depressing as that is, the bright side is that it'll give me plenty of time to bring my number of WALL-E viewings into the triple digits by then. [Vulture]


If you're anything like me, you probably find yourself constantly saying to yourself, "Self, I know I love the "Pinky & The Brain" theme song, but I just wished it rocked a bit more, you know?" Well, we're all in luck!

This week, an article from The Huffington Post made the rounds on Facebook (at least among my friends) about Millennial yuppies and happiness that TOTALLY wasn't insultingly generalized, tunnel-visioned and condescending in the least. (Spoiler alert: yes it was.) So on behalf of all of us millennials, the makers of this next video felt the need to apologize.

Think you found a link better than a lady stabbing someone over The Eagles? (And no, the drunk pig story I gave you a last week doesn't count.) Then send it to me!

There is officially less than 2 weeks until real Blues hockey. Start stretching now - you don't want to pull anything.