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Sunday Links: And the Emmy Goes To...

The Award Winning* St. Louis Game Time proudly presents: your links! *Most F-bombs by an SBNation Hockey Blog, 2013

"Trust me, you don't want to watch - they'll probably give it to Modern Family again despite a bad season."
"Trust me, you don't want to watch - they'll probably give it to Modern Family again despite a bad season."
Dilip Vishwanat

There are 11 days until the Blues season starts. That is 11 too many, if you ask me. But at least we're not waiting until mid-January this time around.


  • The Blues beat the Stars in the preseason last night 3-2 on a Vroom-Vroom Pah-ty Stah-tah by Patrik Berglund 2:07 into overtime. Rest of the official recap here: [Blues]
  • Keith Aucoin has cleared waivers, so the Blues will have the ability to send him to the Wolves if he doesn't win the 4th line center job. Which he won't. So they will. [Frozen Notes]


  • The only thing more annoying than a preseason game that goes to a shootout is a preseason game that goes to the FIFTEENTH ROUND of the shootout. Luckily Paul Ranger of the Toronto Maple Leafs, provided some much needed levity with a fancy kick-stick-trick shot attempt. He missed badly, but everyone had a good laugh. Except the Sabres goalie, that is. The game was eventually put out of it's misery by our old friend "Silent" Jay McClement. [Puck Daddy]
  • Adam Proteau believes that hockey fans are becoming more and more tribalistic. As punishment for his accusations, we must rip out his still beating heart and devour it to honor The Wind God. [THN]
  • Tomas Vokoun was taken to a Pittsburgh hospital yesterday to have an emergency procedure to dissolve a blood clot in his pelvis. He'll be out indefinitely. If I'm Ray Shero, I'm adding Buffalo's GM to my speed dial immediately to be the first to pounce on Ryan Miller. [Pensburgh]
  • It's official: the Washington Capitals will host the 2015 Winter Classic. [Capitals]
  • The Islanders still have 2 more years in Nassau Coliseum, but last night they played their first "game" in their future home, Brooklyn's Barclays Center. More than 14,000 fans saw them lose 3-0 to the Devils. [NHL]
  • David Perron notched a goal and an assist in the Oilers win over the Canucks 5-2. We are rooting for ol' Frenchie in Alberta like the classy bunch that we are...right? [TSN]


  • Busch Stadium III hosted a football game for the first time yesterday, with my alma mater Southern Illinois Salukis beating Southeast Missouri 36-19. And for some reason, it really pissed off Joe Strauss, so that makes it even sweeter! Here are some pictures to prove that Carbondale, IL > Cape Girardeau, MO. Go Salukis! [STLToday]
  • It's Sunday. Find your local NFL broadcast. Also, the Rams play the Cowboys today. In such scenarios, I always take the Rams' side - just try not to injure Romo or Witten, okay guys? [506 Sports]
  • Marvel might be making a Black Widow feature film, but probably not until Phase III, or in layman's terms, not until at least 2016. There are reasons that that's especially unfortunate - and not just because Scarlett Johansson in her body suit. But seriously, a great piece on the lack of diversity in recent superhero movies. [HuffPost]
  • The 65th Annual Emmy Awards are tonight, hosted by the fucking awesome Neil Patrick Harris. Millions will be watching, and then immediately flipping over to the 2nd-to-last episode of Breaking Bad at 8 central. Here's the list of nominees, including the already announced winners in the creative arts categories. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on Game of Thrones taking Drama Series and Louie in Comedy Series. Just a hunch. [Emmys]


You may have thought you had had enough of "Blurred Lines" mash-up videos. If you haven't seen the Huxtables rocking out to Alan Thicke's son, you would be wrong. Seriously, I think this syncs up more than the dances did to the original Cosby Show intros.

This weekend in Collinsville was Italian Fest. Coincidentally, I've been working my way through The Sopranos. I'm only through season 1, so please no spoilers (I know, the show's 14 years old, still). In any case, let Tony and his family teach you some Italian history.

Tomorrow is Monday. That means I'm off the links duty. If you've been holding out sending me stuff, send it to Tyler.

It's Sunday and it's now (sort of) hockey season. That means the Brian and the St. Louis Game Time Prospects Department will be stopping by today for Prospects Sunday. Get to know the Baby Blues before everyone else so you can lord it over your friends and feel like a superior person, you dick. But seriously, check it out. We'll also get an update on the St. Charles Chill and how their roster is shaping up for their inaugural season.