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Wednesday Links - Ron Rolston Fined For Lack Of Spine

Vannelli officially joins Medicine Hat. Kessel misses fake games. Ron Rolston has no spine and less money. Canada Worst. Fuck CM Punk. Jacob Dowell has a rough life. And animals on trampolines. Hump diddy hump hump hump and whatever.

Dmitrij Jaskin, I can spell your name. Hi.
Dmitrij Jaskin, I can spell your name. Hi.
Dilip Vishwanat

I leave Seattle today. Other than the rain, this is a really cool city.

Now have some links!



  • Phil Kessel will miss three games for slashing/spearing the shit out of John Scott. Three regular season games? Haha, no. Three PRESEASON games. So I guess the NHL doesn't care about it too much. [CBC]
  • Speaking of which, Down Goes Brown has the secret transcript of this suspension. LOL. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Speaking of the same incident . . . David Clarkson will appeal his ten-game suspension. Also, he'll lose that appeal, but whatever. [Puck Daddy]
  • Ron Rolston, on the other hand, was fined for "player selection". Basically, because he has no spine, if you ask me. Did he deserve it? [Puck Daddy]
  • Some Canadian shop owner just got all three Team Canada sweaters and shared with all the world. Apparently Team Canada has no problem being connected to Nazi Germany. #AmericaBest [Reddit Hockey]
  • I'm supposed to like CM Punk. I don't. I think I'm justified in this. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jacob Dowell is having a hell of a time right now, it seems. Yikes. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]
  • Jonathan Bernier and Ryan Miller were apparently not exempt from the new helmet-removal rule, but were not penalized for it because really who gives a flying fuck about that stupid rule except the people who say they should be enforced . . . ? [Puck Daddy]
  • It seems the Anaheim Ducks have officially flip-flopped their primary and secondary logos. [Sports Logos]
  • Remember when we were laughing about Claude Giroux getting into a golf incident and injuring himself? Well, his injury lasted all preseason and he's back, unlike some former "Defenseman Of The Future" the Blues used to have . . . . [Puck Daddy]
  • Was Tim Thomas right? This Bruins fan thinks so. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Damien Brunner made his deal with New Jersey official, signing a two-year deal with the Devils. [Devils]
  • Raffi Torres is kind of a turd. Well, he's not gonna be around for a while to begin the season because his ACL went all *RRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPP*. [CSN Bay Area]


  • You can make a bear leave a bar by screaming at it in Juneau, Alaska, apparently. Nice. [Y! / AP]
  • "The NCAA is corrupt. Look at Oklahoma State!" "Yep, no shit, Sherlock." [Deadspin]


Animals jumping on trampolines? Animals jumping on trampolines.

Could watch that all day.