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Thursday Links for the Not Mentally Impaired

Blues lose. Meh. Wallpaper! Beyond Checkerdome! Team previews. Suspension appeals repealed. Playing John Scott is stupid. The Red Wings lack goons (except for the ones they have). Termites use their own poop as nests. And talking cats. Seattle rocks.

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"And now, for my impression of . . . The Knuckle Puck."
"And now, for my impression of . . . The Knuckle Puck."
Gregory Shamus

So I love hockey fights but hate staged fights and "punch-only" goons (well, except for George Parros, who is fucking awesome). And apparently that opinion is "retarded".

Whatever, dude. Here's some more links for you to not click on while my brain sorts out how fucking stupid you are:


  • MORE MEANINGLESS HOCKEY GAMES! This one, the Blues lost, 3-1. Jaden Schwartz scored the only Blues goal, short-handed, unassisted and on a shot from the blue line. Should've counted as three. [Blues]
  • The season starting means Game Time Blues schedule desktop wallpapers are back. RealBadRobot and her boyfriend are all over it for October. Looking good, folks! [SLGT]
  • Beyond Checkerdome, Episode 10. Yep, we somehow made it to double-digits, despite our own efforts to sabotage ourselves. We talk about a lot of things that basically mean the season is close. Also, Brenden Morrow hadn't signed yet when we recorded, so fuck it. [SLGT]
  • Weekend linksmaster, "How-To Hate" writer and all-around good dude, J-Mill, was asked to write a Blues season preview for the Hockey World Blog. And he obliged. And did pretty damn well, if I don't say so myself. [Hockey World Blog]
  • Also with a team preview of the Blues . . . Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy, in his Puck Daddy Gold Medal Preview. [Puck Daddy]


  • (S/T to CrossCheckRaise for this) . . . This is really all-sports news and could be considered Blues news if I really wanted to . . . athletes from all the major sports are flocking to California to file workmen's comp cases. Some Blues on the list. Some local favorites from several sports as well. [LA Times]
  • Remember how David Clarkson was going to appeal his ten-game suspension? Hahahahahaha, he was kidding. [SportsNet]
  • Ryan Lambert did a special mid-week Trending Topics on the Maple Leafs vs. Sabres fiasco, in which he thinks Ron Rolston SHOULD be punished for playing John Scott . . . but only in general, like by having him stand there while Phil Kessel skated circles around him, which is probably what would've happened had he not asked Kessel to fight. [Puck Daddy]
  • Nick Cotsonika, a writer I really like, writes a piece I really hate . . . saying the Red Wings do it without goons. Because apparently the likes of Jordin Tootoo, Justin Abdelkader and (to an extent), Niklas Kronwall are not goons, eh? [Y! Sports NHL]
  • Speaking of the Red Wings and Lambert . . . Amway ended its' sponsorship agreement with the Wings, ending Lambert's great What We Learned joke. Awwww. [Detroit News]


  • Termites are sustaining themselves basically by weaving nests made from their own shit. Innovative little fuckers, I'd say. [Y! / Reuters]
  • A lot of people were talking about rich-people's boats yesterday. Well, America's Cup went to Oracle Team America for a seventh year in a row, in EXTREME comeback fashion. I barely even know what any of this means but AMERICA! (Even if the skipper and many of the crew are from elsewhere) [USA Today]
  • Many people asked the Iowa State athletic director to take a paycut after speaking out against the proposed College Union. I usually can root for Iowa State . . . until about now, maybe. [Deadspin]


You've probably seen the "two talking cats" video. Here's a voice-over dub:

I obviously ran out of material.

J-Mill has your weekend. Send him shit to link:

And remember, again, if you feel the need to shame me in a public forum, I'll feel the need to do the same to you without a problem. Don't like it? Get fucked. Enjoy your day, your weekend and your sanity.

Hildy has some stuff for you later. I'm not really supposed to say what it's about, so I won't.