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Friday Links: Too Good To Play

Magnus Paajarvi has great offensive skill, so he's been demoted from the 2nd scoring line. ...wait, WHAT? Also, things that actually make sense.

"Alright, single file line, class. Patrik, you will be our line leader today!"
"Alright, single file line, class. Patrik, you will be our line leader today!"
Dilip Vishwanat

Remember Brett Hull Night? The first one, I mean? Last night's Rams game was pretty much that.

Anyway, this time next week, we'll all have an actual Blues game to which we can overreact!


  • The Note finishes up the fake hockey tonight at DrinkScotch against the Minnesota Wild. Preview here: [Blues]
  • Jake Allen is going to Chicago. The Wolves, that is. Along with others. [SLGT]
  • EA Sports has already simulated the 2013-14 NHL season, and came up with the Blues winning the Stanley Cup. So I guess that settles it - no need to play the season, cause we already won the big prize! [SLGT]
  • Magnus Paajarvi got demoted from the 2nd line to an extra forward slot. Because he has too much offensive skill. I think. Hitchcock wasn't exactly very clear on that. Read his thoughts and tell me what you think, because I think he meant that the kid creates scoring chances, but can't play D so he sits. If so, he doesn't say it very well. Also, it sounds like it'll be worse than we all were afraid of: Brenden Morrow could be getting 2nd line minutes. [STLToday]
  • Hockey World Blog asked me to preview the Blues for this season, and although DK posted the link yesterday, my world domination plan hasn't taken hold just yet, so I'll go ahead and throw it up here again. Just in case you missed it. Or thought it was so good you want to read it again. [Hockey World Blog]
  • Speaking of previews, here's LeBrun's look at the Blues going into this year. I'm not telling you to tell me that my preview was better than ESPN's, but if you really think so, I wouldn't mind hearing it...just sayin'... []



  • Anyone can tell you which famous people share your birthday, but what about famous fictional people? Buzzfeed is here to help - for example, I share my November 20th birthday with Jeff Winger from Community. It's unlikely that yours is as cool as mine, but go ahead and find out! [Buzzfeed]
  • New York is an expensive place to live. Very expensive. There are castles that cost less than NYC apartments. That's not a joke. That is a factual statement. See for yourself. [Buzzfeed]
  • Atlas Shrugged is a terrible book about self-reliance and not asking for hand-outs. So naturally, the producers of the 2 terrible movie versions are asking Kickstarter users to hand them money to make part 3. [The AV Club]
  • This Sunday is the series finale of Breaking Bad (rest assured, I'll have more on this subject in Sunday's Links). But what if you can't watch it live, but don't want spoilers on Twitter? My first piece of advice is to stay the fuck off of Twitter, you dumbass. But failing that, Netflix has unveiled a "Spoiler Foiler" to keep unwanted plot twists out of your timeline. [Screen Rant]


Remember last weekend, when I shared with you the podcast "Welcome to Night Vale" that RealBadRobot turned me onto? Well, PBS Idea Channel is a fantastic YouTube channel that takes pieces of pop culture and approaches them at a new angle using philosophy, sociology, and other -ologies. By some crazy random happenstance, their episode this week was on Welcome to Night Vale, so I thought I'd share it with you.

And speaking of fantastic YouTube channels, here's one you should definitely keep up with, if you like stupid people being stupid. Azie Mira Dungey is an actress who used to work at the historical site known as George Washington's Mount Vernon. Since she's black, she had to play a slave character, so she had to answer A LOT of stupid questions from A LOT of stupid white people (and other stupid people, too). Here are but a few in her series "Ask a Slave":

You've got links. I've outlet for those links to find a (slightly) larger audience. Let's make a deal: you send them to me, an I'll promise to try to not forget to credit you as the one who sent them to me. 'Salright? 'Salright.

Hildy has more in store for you later today, plus we'll have a GDT for tonight's preseason finale just before puck drop. Come on back now, ya' hear?