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Study: Blues Have Fifth-Lowest NHL Secondary Market Ticket Prices

The Blues' tickets on the secondary market seem to be a decent buy, with the average ticket price being just $66 bucks. How does this stack up with the primary market?

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Dilip Vishwanat

It's not hard to score tickets for a Blues game. You have all sorts of options - be a season ticket holder, get a package, buy one at the box office, snag them off-line, or even buy some on Game Time. However you choose to purchase them, chances are good you'll be getting some bang for your buck.

Vivid Seats released an analysis of secondary market prices, and the results probably aren't surprising: the Blues' tickets are reasonably priced. This keeps in line with the 2013 Fan Cost Index, which had the Blues under the league average cost, with average ticket prices of around $46, and that was with an 11% cost increase. It placed the Blues 20th overall in cost.

Aftermarket wise, you expect an uptick in cost. You have to factor in people selling tickets to in-demand games like the season opener and closer, and games against the rival Blackhawks and Red Wings. Market demand factors in too, which explains the Maple Leafs' $320 aftermarket price - and it's the only thing that explains the fact that the Jets are number two at $230 a pop. As a former Thrashers season ticket holder, I'm still having problems wrapping my mind around that.

What does it mean that the Blues' average price is less than that of the Panthers ($73) and Lightning ($69)? Part of it is the fact that many more listings were reported for the Blues (11,872) than the Bolts (17,326) and Florida (12,904). Another part of that is that Blues tickets are reasonably priced to begin with and therefore, other than in-demand games, people know enough to not buy overly marked up tickets.

The market isn't necessarily for hockey, or for the Blues, it's for that seat. People will seek out the most reasonably priced option relative to what they would normally spend, and if folks gouge prices, no one'll bite. It also means that for quantity of cash plunked down, regardless of how it's done, the Blues give a good quality of hockey.