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Monday Links - Real Hockey Is Coming, Or Something

Fuck meth. Prospects. Season previews. Ryan Whitney signs elsewhere. Biz gets help. Colborne gets shipped to hockey Siberia. Toque masks. Chip Kelly has a sad. Casino cheats. And Freeze Frame. Your Monday links are not in another castle.

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This time, Vladimir Sobotka is NOT farting in Erik Cole's face.
This time, Vladimir Sobotka is NOT farting in Erik Cole's face.
Dilip Vishwanat

I SUPPOSE J-Mill was too worked up about the Breaking Bad series finale to do links yesterday. Either that or he actually IS cookin'.

Mind you, if I wanted to be obsessed about something like meth, I would've actually DONE the shit back home. Granted, I've never watched a damn bit of Breaking Bad. I just don't give a shit about it.

Anyway, I'm off my soap box . . . for a couple seconds.


  • Episode 11 of Beyond Checkerdome was recorded yesterday. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
  • Brian W. knows his shit about prospects. Check out his work posted yesterday. Lots of insight. [SLGT, SLGT, SLGT]
  • A study shows that the Blues have the fifth most affordable secondary ticket market prices. But if they win the Cup and raise primary ticket prices, people will probably still bitch because we're talking about Blues fans here. [SLGT]
  • The Post-Dispatch did their annual Blues season preview. A whole bunch of good stuff here, including a piece by *GASP* Bernie Miklasz. [StL Today]
  • Hildy has been really busy lately because it's like hockey season is starting soon or some shit. Anyway, she did a preview for SBN's Blackhawks blog. [Second City Hockey]
  • Ryan Whitney one week ago: "I GET TO BE THE THIRD WHEEL OF A CUP CONTENDER!!!1" . . . Ryan Whitney now: "FLORIDA?! OH GODDAMNIT, OKAY." [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]
  • CrossCheckRaise re-brought to my attention a blog called "III Communication", a blog dedicated to "Conference III", which is now known as the Central Division (Y'know, the one OUR boys are in). They wrote this piece after one Predators vs. Blues game down in Nashville last year. You might remember the one. (SIDE NOTE: Go Perds!) [III Communication]


  • Paul Bissonnette was supposed to be suspended 10 games for leaving the bench during a fight. Well, he explained that it was during a change that he came out, and was successful with that defense, so the league reduced the suspension to three games. [Puck Daddy]
  • Joe Colborne was acquired by Brian Burke for a second time in the last 31 months. This time, he moves from the Maple Leafs to the Flames in exchange for what will end up being a 4th rounder because NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL ARE THE FLAMES MAKING THE PLAYOFFS . . . also, probably not TOO much chance Colborne gets 35 points, but I GUESS it could happen. [Maple Leafs]
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning(s) drafted Jonathan Drouin third overall, presumably because they thought he'd be able to play for the big club this year. Well, fuck that noise, he's been sent back to Major Junior. THERE GOES YOUR CALDER FAVORITE, JACKASS. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Olympic torch was lit yesterday. The first Russian to carry it? Alex Ovechkin, because he's kinda good and stuff. [NBC on Y! Sports]
  • Last season's well-deserved Masterton Trophy winner, Wild(s) goaltender Josh Harding, busted out a toque mask for this season, and it looks pretty damn cool actually. [In Goal Magazine]


  • Chip Kelly was used to running up the score as Oregon coach. Yesterday, his Eagles became the latest victim of Peyton Manning and my Broncos, and I can't stop watching this GIF. Sorry, Eagles fans. If there ARE any of you that come by here. (Actually, no, I'm not sorry.) [Deadspin]
  • Not only did Marlins pitcher Henderson Alvarez throw a no-hitter on the last day of MLB's regular season, since his team was tied at 0 heading into the bottom of the ninth, he got to be standing in the on-deck circle as the winning run crossed home plate after a wild pitch. You can't script this shit. [USA Today]
  • Some guy who's really good at cards was found to have cheated at a California casino and will now face charges. I can tell you from experience that casinos do NOT look very highly on cheaters, so this may end up very poorly for him . . . but probably won't. [Y! / Reuters]


CrossCheckRaise brought this up when we had technical difficulties on Beyond Checkerdome LAST week, and I forgot to post it Wednesday . . . because I arr uh stoopid. J. GEILS BAND.

Oh Christ, the 80's.

Hildy has something for you later this morning. Also, I see something in the works from my pal Jeff Q, so be on the lookout for that soon . . . possibly today.