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Thursday Links - Go Perds!

BC Episode 7. The marketing folks for our pals in Nashville can't spell. Denver U is a bunch of fucking copycats. Dallas ice girls are better at hockey than their team. Dusty Baker is an idiot. And DrinkScotch ice painting time lapse. Weekend yay!

Still not signed yet. LET'S PANIC!
Still not signed yet. LET'S PANIC!
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I found out yesterday that Blues goaltender coach Corey Hirsch has blocked me on Twitter for some reason. I can't specifically recall being a dick to him at any point, but hey, whatever, maybe I was . . . once. It's his call, and I really don't care. I guess that kept me from being his 8,000th follower. Meh.

Links? I have them.


  • Contract talks between the Blues and Alex Pietrangelo are still ongoing, according to Doug Armstrong. But hey, fuck that noise, let's panic!!!!! [Blues]
  • Speaking of Armstrong . . . he and former Blues player and long-time front office presence Bruce Affleck were named Co-Presidents and Alternate Governors of the team yesterday. [Blues]
  • This turned out to be a hell of a weird day to post Episode 7 of Beyond Checkerdome, but fuck you, we did it anyway. In which we reveal we'd wear pink tutus for 'Merica. [SLGT]


I've got a lot of 'em today, as well as a lot of commentary, so bear with me . . . .

  • GO PERDS! [Deadspin]
  • Speaking of the Predators . . . remember how they copied their own plan to "keep out the Red" and transferred it from the Red Wings to the Blackhawks, then the Blues copied THAT plan? Well, now Denver University wants to do that to North Dakota Fighting Sioux hockey fans. Because they're asshole fucking copycats and hopefully their plan leads to a shit-ton of Sioux fans at their home games because they are fucking stupid. [Grand Forks Herald]
  • HallPlante passes along this video . . . the Dallas Stars Ice Girls apparently are still trying to compete with the Cowboys Cheerleaders, a battle they'd never win. A reminder . . . the Blues are getting ice girls this season. Meh. I like ladies, but I like hockey too. [Stars]
  • Apparently there's a rumor floating around where buddies Sean Avery and St. Louisan television presenter (and open homosexual) Andy Cohen are "secretly engaged". The two jokingly bandied this news about on Twitter and Instagram and now everyone is confused. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Buffalo Sabres, after being held at gunpoint on Twitter by Steve Ott (who is a dick, by the way), unveiled their third sweater yesterday. It is a piece of dog shit, but the Don Cherry Parody account was able to make it look SOMEWHAT good with his description of it. (Replies from overly sensitive Sabres fans, who seem to be all over the Goddamn place, are excellent.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Former NHLer Riley Cote wants you to know that weed may or may not be bad, but hemp is good. [Puck Daddy]
  • Niklas Hjalmarsson is apparently worth a five-year contract since he rode the coattails of Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook on the way to another Blackhawks Cup run. (HINT: He's still not that great.) (HINT 2: But the Blackhawks are gonna pay out a shit-ton of these contracts because they won two Cups in four years, so let them.) [TSN]
  • Nazem Kadri is apparently pissed that the Maple Leafs haven't signed him yet with training camp coming up. Instead, they blew money on the hockey equivalent of Cocaine and Hookers (in this example, that is also known as David Clarkson). I'd be pissed too, if I were Kadri. [Toronto Sun]
  • Olli Jokinen, now with the Jets, thinks he has five or six good seasons left. Good luck with that, bub. [Toronto Sun]
  • Mathieu Garon may get a tryout with the Kings, basically because some dumbass who hasn't made it past the AHL with the Kings wants more money. His name's not Jonathan Quick, so I don't understand why they'd care about his demands. [Mayor's Manor]
  • Also getting a tryout . . . Radek Dvorak, from the Hurricanes, who also may be bringing in Brenden Morrow, most recently of the Penguins but most remembered for his role as Stars Captain. [Charlotte News Observer / Canes Now]
  • Sochi is getting a KHL franchise after the 2014 Olympiad, headed by Russian and NHL Hall Of Famer Pavel Bure. [Ria Novosti]
  • My lady is quarter-Newf. The St. John's Ice Caps, Winnipeg's AHL team, are in Newfoundland. Mike Keane is a former Blue. Mike Keane is now a Player Development Assistant with the Winnipeg Jets, and will spend most of his time on "The Rock" developing players in St. John's. Goddamnit, now I want to go to Newfoundland. It's too fucking hot here in Montana, believe it or not. [Ice Caps]


  • The Cardinals won last night, thanks in large part to Dusty Baker calling for a suicide squeeze with two runners on base and two out in the 15th inning. I'm no baseball expert (though among hockey fans, I MIGHT be one), but that doesn't seem like a wise decision. God, I hope the Reds NEVER fire Dusty Baker. [Deadspin]
  • Just quit smoking cold turkey, like I did, and shit like this won't happen. [Y! / The Sideshow]
  • No link, but I'm gonna be at work tomorrow while the NFL season starts, so GO BRONCOS.


I don't care if you've seen the DrinkScotch Center painting time lapse video 30,000 times. You're gonna watch it again. Because hockey.

Get the fucking season started. NOW.

Oh, and Army . . . sign Petro soon. Please.

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