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Saturday Links: Polak Door to the Olympics

This part isn't really important. GET TO CLICKING!

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Dilip Vishwanat

Don't start your day without a hearty bowl of links!


  • On Thursday the Blues prospects lost their first game of Traverse City Prospects tournament to Dallas, then yesterday beat Minnesota in overtime. Ty Rattie has already scored twice, so obviously he needs to make the big club this year and get 1st line and top power play minutes. But seriously, for more stats and info, you know what to do: [Blues]
  • Roman Polak & Vladimir Sobotka can now be added to the list of Blues being invited to Olympic camps. Don't get too ahead of yourself, though, as the Czech Republic called in a whopping 67(!) players. Still, Polak & Vodka both have a pretty decent chance. Polak Door-themed poll below! Also on the list is Penguins Capitals Rangers KHL Flyers Stars Bruins Devils winger Jaromir Jagr, who'd be skating in his 5th Olypmics. [IIHF]
  • So remember yesterday when I talked about the Blues bringing in Whitney to training camp if Petro is still unsigned? Well apparently I said "Ray Whitney" when I meant to say "Ryan Whitney." An honest mistake, yet an embarrassing one. I'll see myself to the penalty box...


  • Cab drivers and L train poles of Chicago beware: according to Stan Bowman, Laverne & Shirley will be staying with the Blackhawks FOR-EH-VER! [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The Vancouver Canucks will retire Pavel Bure's number on November 2nd this year. Good for him. [Canucks]
  • The Avs done got themselves a big-ass new Jerry Jones-ian scoreboard. So now Colorado fans can watch their team suck in high-def! Seriously though, that thing looks legit. I wouldn't mind seeing something like that at DrinkScotch - as long as it doesn't cost us a franchise defesenman too much. [Puck Daddy]
  • Apparently, Mike Fisher got attacked by a chipmunk. Seriously. And his darling wife Carrie Underwood felt the experience was Vine-worthy. [SBNation]
  • In response, the forever incomparable Down Goes Brown chronicles the various ways in which NHL personalities have had trouble dealing with animals, such as Gary Bettman getting "badly injured during a recent trip to the zoo after instinctively jumping into the wild canine exhibit in a desperate attempt to prevent the coyotes from moving." [Down Goes Brown]
  • The Perds Preds are seriously considering pairing Seth Jones with Shea Weber. I don't blame them, I think that's a great idea. You know what isn't a great idea: automatically playing ads. Beware of them after the link. [The Tennessean]
  • Our Bruins brethren at Stanley Cup of Chowder recently decided to convince everyone to hate the LA Kings. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't just a bunch of .gifs of Dustin Brown and his Amazing Flying Elbows. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]


  • Mental Floss brings you a surprisingly tough quiz, called "Who said it: NFL Coach or Dictator?" [Mental Floss]
  • Speaking of the NFL and cruel, terrible rulers of far away lands, someone created a bunch of house words and sigils for every NFL team, Game of Thrones style. The Rams ones are kind of lame, but a lot of the rest are really cool! [Minus]
  • One of my favorite subjects is hypothetical history. One of my favorite Cracked articles of all time is "5 Unfought Wars That Would Have Changed Everything." Enjoy! [Cracked]
  • You know that US soccer game I told you about yesterday? Yeah...about that...between losing 3-1, playing like shit, getting our most important player hurt, and three more players suspended for the next game, I'm not sure I can imagine a way it could've gone worse...but on the bright side, A) we're still in a comfortable position to qualify for the World Cup, and B) Mexico lost at home, which is even worse! [American Soccer Now]
  • FACT: The '90's were awesome! Relive some of it with a few Netflix suggestions of the era! [Vulture]


I promise you, you have NEVER seen something this adorable in your life: a 2-year old baby signing "Hey Jude."

Now we have to balance out that incredible cuteness with something a tad more adult. How about Ali G helping you learn about physics? Yeah, that'll do nicely!

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