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Blues Make It Official: Brett Hull To Join Front Office On Monday

The Blues' greatest scorer, Brett Hull, is returning to the Blues.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In what is the worst-kept secret in recent history, the Blues will be bringing back Brett Hull to work in a front office Vice President position. As reported a few days ago in the Post-Dispatch, Hull will be working the business side of things, which is outstanding. First off, if you want a guy schmoozing with businesses, it needs to be someone folks will be impressed with and who can work off of that. Who in St. Louis wouldn't be impressed if Brett Hull walked into their office? Secondly, it keeps Hull away from player decisions, so we're safe on that front.

It's a nostalga move by the team, but it's a brilliant one. Hull, for those of us of a certain age, is the defining player of the franchise. When I think of my childhood, I think of watching him rack up goal after goal after goal on KPLR's broadcasts. I think of collecting hundreds of hockey cards with him holding the Hart Trophy, or Lady Byng, or taking a shot in game. I remember Hull and Oates.

There's a reason that every Brett Hull night the franchise has had has been a huge sellout. Everyone loves Hull. Heck, the franchise is introducing him tomorrow night at 6:16 in a press conference open to the public. When was the last time a team announced a VP like that? The Blues are counting on Hull to being a bridge to the business community as well to the community in general.

Who doesn't love Brett Hull? The Blues are banking on no one, and it's going to pay off.